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WD is very basic and doesn't offer much protection and never scores high in the different AV tests. Before MBam 3 I always used Avira free icw MBam 2. But the best AV is you.
Hi there

ANY of those A/V tests are usually 100% USELESS since :

1) They are always run some time in the past so new stuff could have cropped up between their testing and the current date.

2) Usually done by some organisation which has a product to sell or some commercial message to get out.

3) Everybody tends to use computers differently so real life scenarios are absolutely different from the testing laboratory scenarios.

I pay ZERO notice to any of these "A/V product 1 is better than A/V product 2" notices.

Using BRAIN and having proper backups is BY FAR the best way of using computers rather than relying on software which can never be guaranteed to be 100% effective in any case.

You'll save yourselves heaps of TIME, MONEY and GRIEF if you simply use WD and surf sensibly - and OF COURSE HAVE BACKUPS.

Really can't understand how so many people's computers have obscure Viruses / malware etc - goodness knows what they are doing or what sites they are logging on to --I've use quite a few so called "dubious sites" including the infamous one of "The Ship flying the Jolly Roger" - and never had a problem.

Rules are simple - don't click on dubious links / open emails - especially with attachments from unknown people, never give away too much info on social media sites, if using torrents always use "Magnet Links" rather than download the torrent file, and never download .exe, .rar or other strange archive files from any site unless you know it's a 100% GENUINE site. If downloading music / audio always download the actual Music format e.g mp3/flac etc or similar for video. can't get viruses from these types of files as they are opened by your music player application --if files are corrupted or contain nasties they won't play - so delete.

Simple !!!!

As an observation -- I've tended to find that those people who are usually more paranoid about which A/V program or set of programs to use are invariably the ones who seem to get infected !!!!!

Again all my remarks apply to HOME type computers --corporate networks require different orders of protection and is usually a difficult professional job.