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I have a virus that whenever I run Google Chrome and click on a new page, a pop up randomly appears and attempts to hide itself. The goal of the virus is to log my facebook information and hack my account, but luckily I blocked the app it attempts to enable. The problem is that it keeps popping up trying to enable the facebook app, but I can't find the process that causes it and my antivirus programs won't get rid of it (I've tried Avast, Malwarebytes, and AVG)

Any ideas? Thank you
Please don't install Spyware Hunter.
What is the name of this virus and how do you know it's intention? I hope you don't have AVG and Avast installed and running concurrently. You should only have one active AV running on a system. MBAM is okay, as it works in conjunction with your AV.
Try RKILL , then ADWCleaner and then JRT.