I certainly will start a new thread later on Windows Defender. As for the job detail, I was hoping by give a bit more detail, I could get some better ideas on how to proceed. I would think it hard for anyone to advise someone else on an issue if not give as much detail as possible.

The most frustrating part of all this. I need a job, to pay for things so I can get a job. My family and I receive a very nominal cash benefit per month. This month, we have Christmas, AND my daughter's 13th birthday is on the 23rd. You have no idea how bad you feel when your daughter says, "I don't need anything this year, I understand how broke we are..." Sorry I'm getting a bit personal on a tech board, but the job that I'm talking about that requires me to have the software pays $10 an hour. So I'm doing anything and everything I do to qualify for it.