I'm trying the latest version of Tinywall. Tinywall is a Windows Firewall Front End that helps you configure the built in Windows firewall better than you can without it. Tinywall's claim to fame is by default it blocks Everything, then Only allows the applications, processes or services through the firewall that I expressly tell it to allow.

I see under Show Connections if I have Open Ports checked, I get a list of what I presume to be, Open ports (open meaning unblocked IMO). Yet, if I right click on any of the ports, there is an option for UnBlock. there is also an option to kill leading me to believe these ports are open and active with outgoing connections. . - If these ports are Blocked, then How can they be open? This is confusing and misleading to me. Are these ports open or blocked?

There are a lot of ports most "duplicates?" Two lsass.exe's many Services.exe's and scvhost.exe's, many System(4)'s and a few Wininit.exe's The only one in the list I know is the Chrome.exe I manually set a rule for so I could access the internet.

I don't want anything going in or out that I don't specify, the PC should look and act as if it's not connected the the internet at all save when I tell it to open Chrome. The state on all these ports are Listening - why listen when i don't want or need them to run? - or do I? Are these ports somehow needed for Chrome to work? What Exactly are these ports, how can I determine if i need them or not, and how can i block them? If I can block them, I don't want to ever see them in this list again. I ask several question here, can someone please go through the post and try to answer all of them. Thank you!