I usually been reinstalling Win10 to get rid of the so called "clutter" on my system to make it more fresh and such.
Regarding BitLocker, I always select to encrypt the entire drive as opposed to encrypting used spaced only.
The entire drive option takes literally 9 hours to encrypt and complete.
So I was thinking, is it wise to always select Encrypt Used Space Only whenever I reinstall in the future or is that option only for new machines and drives?

I just don't have the time to wait for my entire drive to be encrypted as I need to work on my programs and during the encryption process it just slows my system down.

When encrypting the used space only, new and existing data will be encrypted?
Am I correct?

So when I reinstall Windows 10 the next time around, should I select encrypt Used Space Only?

Just want to save time.

Any thoughts or suggestions?