I posted this in e-mails, but it probably better belongs here since the question relates to security.

Probably a hugely basic question, but while setting up some new addresses I've just figured out that my (Irish) hosting provider doesn't run SSL on their pop e-mail servers.

Guess I'm wondering just how much of a risk this might represent. I'm not so worried about the data in the mails (I don't send sensitive information), but I'd rather not find that I was being used to send spam or worse.

I'm on Mac Mail right now - but hope to switch to a notebook running Win 10 Prof in the coming week or so which might be a different scene. Mail pretty clearly regards SSL as more or less standard - it goes through a routine to get an OK to continue without it.

The Mac Mail has been consistently glitchy over the years - with mailboxes getting corrupted and having to be rebuilt, folders disappearing, and counters showing crazy numbers.

The latter somehow was sorted immediately after running the recenty installed Kaspersky internet security, and previously (for short periods only) following clean installs of the OS - which has tended to make me suspicious that I maybe had company. The local Mac service place has always poo pooed the possibility however.....