Dear TenForums,

I have a problem with my encrypted 128GB SDcard. First of all I tried to unlock it and check automatic unlock for my computer. I did and SDcard was unlocked successfully. But next time when I switched computer on, I had to unlock SDcard again. I went to Manage BitLocker and tried to turn BitLocker off, but I've got this error message:

"The BitLocker metadata for the encrypted drive is not valid. You can attempt to repair the drive to restore access."

I tried to format SD card after I unlocked it and got this error message: "Windows was unable to complete the format."
I also tried chckdsk but it wants me to format before.

The thing is that I can access and read data on the card, I can erase them, move or copy, create new folders etc. but until I eject SD card or turn off computer. When I switch on the situation is the same, I need to unlock again and there is no change I made about the data.

I'm really desperate

Thanks for any answer