Antivirus / Windows 10 / Start Menu, Metro Apps, Context menu issues

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    Antivirus / Windows 10 / Start Menu, Metro Apps, Context menu issues


    I wondered if anyone out there has had a similar experience to me...

    For some weeks now I have had problems where the START MENU wouldn't launch, metro apps (OneDrive, Tweetium, Money, News etc) would fail to launch (just a blank window up), right mouse clicks wouldn't work, internet browsing slowed up...
    Signing out of my windows account then back in again solved it... FOR A WHILE. After an hour or two gradually (one app after another etc) the same problems would occur.
    Researching this, I came to the conclusion that Windows 10 was corrupt (or at least my user profile was) and a re-install was necessary. OR I also read of compatibility problems with Windows 10 in my AV software (Kaspersky Internet Security and wondered if the problem lay there.
    Yesterday I uninstalled Kaspersky and relied on Win Defender. For 2 days now (unprecedented recently) my laptop has behaved impeccably, no problems as above.
    So, am I to blame Kaspersky? Am I safe with Just Win Def? Any other AV suites throwing up problems? Any Kaspersky users with any experiences to share?
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    Hi, @JP56:

    I expect my first, new Win10 system to arrive this week and intend to install KIS 2016 on it, as I have done with many Vista and Win7 boxes.
    AFAIK, there is no inherent problem with KIS/KTS 2016 on Win10.

    However, each computer is unique.
    There may be something about your system contributing to the behavior you report.

    First, I would make sure you have fully and cleanly uninstalled any previous 3rd-party AV programs, such as Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Webroot, etc. I suggest using the vendor's removal tool, if available. HERE is a comprehensive list by one of our forum experts.

    Next, I would verify through the Windows Control Panel that both Windows Defender and Windows Firewall are disabled.
    KIS ought to have automatically disabled them when it was installed. But if a recent Windows update or other process re-enabled either or both of those, that could cause a problem.

    The other thing is that you are running KIS (aka "MR0").
    The most current version (available in most or all locales now) is KIS (aka "MR1").
    Upgrading from MR0 to MR1 is probably best accomplished via a "clean" upgrade:
    • Have your license info on-hand, just in case.
    • Download and save -- but do not run yet -- the MR1 installer from HERE or from the local site in your country.
    • Uninstall MR0 from Windows control panel, keeping only the license info.
    • Reboot.
    • Run the MR1 installer > (activate if needed) > update > reboot.

    I cannot guarantee that the upgrade will resolve your issue, but it probably won't hurt to upgrade to the most current KIS version.

    I hope this helps,
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    Thanks for the reply. I can confirm that WinDef & Win FW are both off.

    I understood that is not a mainstream release & not offered as a routine update which suggests beta SW...? Am I wrong?

    If I go to the KIS update page you suggest, I am still offered ...
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    No, MR1 is not "beta" software. It has been in public release for many, many months.
    And it is the official, current build listed in the English KL forum (see screen shot).
    It is available at both the global site HERE and at the U.S. site HERE, and many others.

    But you are correct, the UK site still offers MR0 for some reason.
    I am not sure why that is -- only the KL folks would know the answer to that.

    You *could* upgrade to MR1 from the global site, if you wish to do so.
    The only downside is that it may not be fully supported by KL Tech Support in your country.
    If you ran into a glitch with MR1, your only source of support would be the KL forum.
    So, it's up to you whether or not to proceed.

    I guess I would perhaps try to cleanly uninstall KIS as a troubleshooting step, to see if that resolves your issues.

    If uninstalling KIS does fix the problems, then KIS may have been somehow contributing -- additional work might be needed or the problem may not return after a proper clean reinstall of KIS. (I don't think you mentioned if you upgraded to Win10 with KIS installed. If so, then a clean reinstall of either MR0 or MR1 may indeed fix the issue.)

    If uninstalling KIS does not resolve your issues, then that would point to another cause for your problems. Additional work would be needed to diagnose and fix them.

    Others may have additional or better ideas.

    Please let us know how it goes,
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    Thanks for the thoughtful & speedy reply.
    In the absence of specific similar experience, I will run for anothe day or 2 with KIS uninstalled. If that runs OK, I will clean install MR1 (using same licencing key????) & see how it goes.
    Will keep forum updated
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    Yes, upgrades are free within your valid license period.

    The upgrade from MR0 to MR1 is not considered a major version upgrade.
    But, even when KIS 2017 is released, you may still upgrade to that new, major version, as long as your license is valid.
    The general rule is -1 and +3 for major versions.
    So, for example, a KIS 2016 license should work for the following versions: 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
    It's very important to keep license information on-hand and safe, both locally and at, in the event that re-activation or license transfer would be needed.

    Now that you have KIS uninstalled, I would check to be sure that both WD and WF are now re-enabled.
    It would not be good to run without a realtime AV or firewall.

    Let us know how it goes....

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    Thanks. Currently WinDef & FW are on (plus MBAE)
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    UPDATE - Win 10????????????

    UPDATE. After a day of successful running with KIS 2016 uninstalled & running Win 10 with WD & WF to protect, the SAME problems as above (Start Menu, Metro Apps, Right Mouse not working) re-occurred.
    My wife's also demos similar App problems.
    I have a MS Surface Book
    My wife has a Sony Vaio Pro 13
    Both Win 10 Pro 64 bit.

    ## When the problems occur, in the Event Log I get error 2147023170, Seems to suggest the remote procedure call failed ## These errors ALWAYS in the log when I try to open Start Menu, metro apps etc.

    I now believe that there is something inherently busted in Windows 10. Other reports of similar problems have surfaced.

    Any comment / advice? Thanks
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