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       23 Dec 2017 #741

    MoInSTL said: View Post
    What system? All I had to do was download the newest version and enter the ID # and key.
    If you are upgrading on the same system then it should not be a problem. I moved from a W7 to a new W10 and had to de-register the W7 one first.
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       23 Dec 2017 #742

    Anyone running the βeta components in MB 3, you might want to revert to stable - the latest CU 273 is doing all kinds of strange things.

    Reverting is a bit complicated, but can be fully automated using the MB Clean utility (even with licensed installs, it will automate the process of removing MB, asking you to reboot, and then on reboot will ask if you want to install the latest version, and will enter the license info back in as well.

    According to Deven Collins, MB Product Support Service Engineer (dcollins - Malwarebytes Forums) that i the way to do it.

    See my threads regarding some insanity at 2 different forums when using MB 3 with βeta components enabled: [SOLVED] - Website Blocking - Malwarebytes Forums - Advanced post reply screen blocked intermittently [SOLVED] - Website Blocking - Malwarebytes Forums

    As well as others having issues due to the CU 273 test:

    Supremo Remote control will not connect CU 273 - Malwarebytes 3.x Beta - Malwarebytes Forums

    CU 1.0.273 brings back an already solved issue - Malwarebytes 3.x Beta - Malwarebytes Forums

    Problem with new CU: Malwarebytes blocks me from posting on SMF forums - Malwarebytes 3.x Beta - Malwarebytes Forums

    If you are not running βeta components (check in settings --> Application tab) then you should be fine, of course.
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  3.    28 Dec 2017 #743

    johngalt said: View Post
    OK, here is the thing - and please, do not take this as any sort of criticism on my part directed at you, at all.

    There was proven evidence that IOBit committed thievery in purloining MalwayreBytes AntiMalware definitions for use in their own antimalware program, and that led to bad blood. Now, MB doesn't like IOBit anything, and vice versa. But, also, to be fair, 99% of IOBit's products are surpassed by similar products from other developers (not just the antimalware, but the vast majority of all their products. TBH, I really cannot think of a single product that does its job and does it better than any comparable product on the market.

    Furthermore, if you search Google for something like "IOBit steals Malwarebytes definitions" and read, oh, say, the first 30 links, eventually, you'll get to this story:

    IObit accused of stealing from Malwarebytes | Computerworld

    Read it - it's not just about the theft.

    Then you can read this post by Marcyn, CEO of Malwarebytes, on what happened and how they detected it:

    IOBit Steals Malwarebytes Intellectual Property - Malwarebytes News - Malwarebytes Forums

    Then the response and the response to the response:

    IOBit’s Denial of Theft Unconvincing - Software - SpywareInfo Forum

    And finally, closure:

    Malwarebytes vs. IObit fiasco comes to a close | Reviews, news, tips, and tricks | dotTechdotTech

    Which is interesting in and of itself - as soon as their database stopped incorporating MBs database, their size dropped 40%. Imagine that.

    Now, after all that, if you still feel comfortable using a company's products, go right ahead. However, knowing what I know, and having been educated on all this myself, I'll respectfully decline to use anything made by IOBit.

    ^^^^ This as well.

    email from iobit. They have agreed a refund:

    Please kindly note that IObit has never stolen any company's database.
    Currently, our program files are detected as PUP (potentially unwanted programs) by Malwarebytes. However, PUP is a very controversial topic since it also makes legit programs as PUP. This detection does not mean we stole any company's database.
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       28 Dec 2017 #744

    I agree with them about the PP flagging - I have plenty of utilities that are marked as PUPs by MB as well.

    But they're lying through their teeth when they say they haven't stolen anyone's database - the empirical proof was in the special test case the devs at MB had for a very particular signature that returned the same value in MB database and in IOBit's database - and no one elses.
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  5.    29 Dec 2017 #745

    thanks john, I dont doubt it
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       06 Jan 2018 #746

    I'm probably a day late and a dollar short, but:
    UPDATE (as of 1/04/18): Since the Malwarebytes Database Update 1.0.3624, all Malwarebytes users are able to receive the Microsoft patch to mitigate Meltdown.
    Meltdown and Spectre: what you need to know - Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs
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       06 Jan 2018 #747
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  8.    12 Jan 2018 #748

    Maybe some of you can help me: since yesterday, it is impossible to set up protection in real time (version 3.3.1).
    I also tried manually, but without success. I tried with and without delay of 15 seconds. No way.
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you.
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       12 Jan 2018 #749

    Many different options here, but one of them would be to head over to MB forums to have assistance to have your machine checked for malware.

    Another would be to head over there and just ask for regular (non-malware-related) assistance. ( I would start with this). Here is the link: Malwarebytes 3 - Malwarebytes Forums

    It's best if you let them take a look at what is going on - it could be anything from malware on your machine to an incompatibility with a driver n your particular system, but it is their product and they know it best - so let them help.
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       14 Jan 2018 #750

    Experimental addon for Firefox users:

    Detects and protects against malware, scams, and deceptive advertising on the web

    Version 1.0.4
    Released Jan. 12, 2018 5.1 MiB
    Works with Firefox for Android 48.0 and later, Firefox 48.0 and later

    Also read this thread at Malwarebytes:
    Malwarebytes Extension for Firefox - General Chat - Malwarebytes Forums
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