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  1.    28 Feb 2016 #21

    @davidhk Here is a question a user asked on the Malwarebytes forum about Tracking Cookies.

    Click image for larger version. 

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       28 Feb 2016 #22

    Thank you.

    Our discussion was about PUPs, not tracking cookies which I don't care much one way or the other.
    I also have IE11 to delete browsing history on exit. And I do regularly IE11 browser cleanup.
    That's all I am prepared to do.

    I am terminating my part in this discussion as I don't know if the OP cares to read all these.
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  3.    28 Feb 2016 #23

    In my opinion, the degree of security needed depends on the User, not just in regards to how they use a computer, but how much security they WANT.

    This is my current setup for my Win10 SP3.
    I use a combination of:

    • BitDefender Antivirus Plus,
    • MalwareBytes free,
    • 1Password,
    • VeraCrypt,
    • BitLocker
    • CCleaner, and
    • Bvckup2.

    I also use these extensions/add-ons inside of a browser: (Chrome usually, sometimes FireFox):

    • BitDefender Traffic Light,
    • HTTPS Everywhere,
    • AdBlock Plus,
    • Disconnect, and
    • Web-Of-Trust.

    For real time system protection, I only use BitDefender Antivirus Plus. This is the basic version of BitDefender, as opposed to their pricier packages containing other security programs. I only wanted it for the AV because it is arguably one of the best products on the market (possibly the best scanning engine.) I use MalwareBytes free for occasional manually executed scans, and have disabled Windows Defender. Obviously, the one area where I lack the strongest real time protection is with unwanted program installs, BUT, the use of Traffic Light, HTTPS Everywhere, AdBlock Plus, Disconnect, and Web-Of-Trust are all useful in avoiding PUPs outright and I have had a LOT of success with this setup. IMO, these add-ons use less power and fewer resources than a dedicated real-time anti-malware program. (If I am using TOR or I am testing or playing with files that may be malicious, I use a Kali Linux VM (run using Fusion on my MBP-15 retina.)

    Should all of the above fail, my important files are encrypted using AES. They will be useless to anyone else, and using Bvckup2 (along with the Windows 10 recovery media), I have a robust image I can use to quickly get back up and running in no time flat. Simultaneously, these most important files are also backed up to a cloud service, and saved on a MLC flash drive. So I am a big believer that having multiple backups of the same files, ideally in different formats, is of significant benefit should the main copy become compromised or unrecoverable.

    How I chose these programs over other available options
    When I shop for a security program, I am interested in not only how good the current build is, but how good previous builds are, as I feel a consistent history means a more likely consistent future. When it comes to antivirus, BitDefender and Kaspersky have a very strong track record. Obviously, MalwareBytes has an outstanding reputation.

    I chose 1Password because is extremely secure, user-friendly, reliable, and it allows me to generate encryption keys that are far too complicated for me to remember in my head. I've used it now for about 6 years on Windows, Mac, and iOS and it operates flawlessly across those synced platforms. I also like how it was developed by actual cryptographers. Bvckup2 is to Windows what Carbon Copy Cloner is to OS X: in other words, it is a simple program with basic features that does exactly what you want it to do, and it does it very well. I found out the hard way that AOEMI and Macrium make inconsistent backups where as Bvckup2 makes robust and reliable copies.

    An observation
    It seems that in recent times we are seeing many malware attacks targeting not the browsers, but many of the extensions/add-ons and plugins for browsers. I assume this is because it is an easier exploit, but it has convinced me to avoid insecure add-ons or plugins - and in the case of those that are absolutely necessary, I enable them for use and then disable them after use.
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  4.    28 Feb 2016 #24

    Oh, and additionally, I would recommend moving away from Internet Explorer. It is not as secure as other options, it is slow, and Microsoft is phasing it out and replacing it with Edge, their newer browser. It is a great look but there is currently a lack of add-ons and plugins, so it is not as user-friendly as Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. There are also several security concerns yet to be addressed. It will likely mature into something very usable, very secure, and very likable, but it's not there yet because it is so new.

    So downloading Chrome or FireFox and using it as the default internet browsing is worth it, IMO.
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  5.    29 Feb 2016 #25

    Many thanks to all for your replies. Just so as i understand (& again please excuse my ignorance).

    I'm keen to keep as simple as possible.

    Anti virus.
    I use AVG free addition running permanently.

    Is this same as anti virus ? And doesn't some of this come automatically through windows 10 ?

    Anti spyware/Malware
    As I understand it this would be malwarebytes and spybot ?

    Why are CC cleaner & glary classified as ?

    I also keep Malwarebytes on permenantly but recently disabled the website setting as it was telling me that every other other website was dodgy & denying access ?
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  6.    01 Mar 2016 #26

    borischelski said: View Post
    I also keep Malwarebytes on permenantly but recently disabled the website setting as it was telling me that every other other website was dodgy & denying access ?
    What sites are you accessing?
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       01 Mar 2016 #27

    borischelski said: View Post

    I also keep Malwarebytes on permenantly but recently disabled the website setting as it was telling me that every other other website was dodgy & denying access ?
    That's not normal.
    Disabling a key realtime protection component of MBAM Premium reduces your security and pretty much defeats the purpose of having MBAM Premium.
    Here is more information about MBAM IP/web blocking module:

    What does it mean when I get an alert that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has blocked a malicious site?
    Why does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware block Skype?
    Why does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware block BitTorrent or other Peer-to-Peer Programs?

    If you're seeing frequent blocks not due to Skype or P2P, especially outbound and especially when no browsers are open, then it could be a sign of infection.
    If you're seeing so many blocks when you are browsing, then either you ARE visiting dodgy sites (and MBAM is doing its job), or you could be infected.

    If you wish, please post an MBAM PROTECTION log with the realtime website/IP module enabled, so that we can see what might be happening. Please export the PROTECTION log as a *.TXT file and ATTACH it here in this thread. (Instructions for locating and exporting a log are HERE.)


    P.S. CCleaner is NOT a security application. It's a computer "cleanup" and maintenance utility.
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