[Password protection on wakeup] | Is set to 'Required' .. more better?

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    [Password protection on wakeup] - Is set to 'Required' more secure?

    When I upgraded to Win10 from Win 8.1 this value changed to [Required], which is a pain because I like to just hit the spacebar and have the machine ready without the extra fuss (many times a day.)

    No one untrusted has physical access to the machine, but it wakes up at 4am and does updates and maintenance and such, and is connected to the Internet 24/7, so my question is: does having [Password protection on wakeup] set to 'Required' significantly help protect it from attackers over the Internet when it is asleep?

    I imagine that attacks of that nature, hard as they may be at this point, by definition of complexity have access at a level such that this setting is irrelevant. Or not?

    It almost goes without saying that I'd prefer an answer from someone particularly knowledgeable on this exact setting, and not just the, “Well, it sure can't hurt” answer that is obvious. (I apologize if that is too blunt. )

    Brink's tutorial - Require Sign-in on Wakeup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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    User Lucas Kauffman solved this over at security.stackexchange.com

    It doesn't protect you from attacks over the internet (that's also not its intended purpose), unless you are using a VNC type of remote desktop solution. Ctrl-alt-del is more a protection from opportunists passing by your computer (physically).

    Remote connectivity options like RDP always require valid credentials before a connection is established, even if the computer is unlocked on your side.
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    "No one untrusted has physical access to the machine"

    What happens if your house gets broken in to?
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    Team America: World Police

    garydexter said:
    What happens if your house gets broken in to?
    My banking machine lives in the gun vault.

    They'll have unfettered access to the couch warrior. Detailed lists of my favorite movies and recipes.

    Besides, the only people breaking into my house will be the FBI, or their foreign-lackey subcontractors all in support of the NSA, because I posted those pro Edward Snowden posts on various news websites, so now I'm deemed a “radicalized” danger to the 'Safety of America (TM)'.

    But they'll be after the Linux machines. With just Windows 10, the NSA doesn't need to have people break into my house to compromise my systems. (Windows Defender, looking for 'suspicious activity' don't you know.)

    (Did I mention I like movie scripts? )
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