ManyBreads said:
Thank you all for the help. I will use all the help you have given. As for malware bytes, the trial is over and it wants me to buy it.
Or perhaps you had a Trial version that has expired, and you are being notified that the Trial has expired?
(See >>>> here, if that's the case. You are NOT required to buy it to remove the malware or for any other reason.:))

Legitimate MBAM does NOT NOT require you to purchase it to remove malware.
You can remove the malware with MBAM Free in the exact same way as with Trial and Premium.

And the link I provided will explain how to end the notifications about the end of the Trial.
But that is a separate, different issue, entirely unrelated to the malware removal.:)
If you need help with stopping the notifications about the end of the Trial, please post back and we will be happy to help you.

Thanks again,