Vince Massi said:
Jimbo, out of curiosity, I ran MBAM immediately after doing a deep scan with Defender. MBAM founds some PUPs. Over the years, Ive tried running different clean-up software immediately after each other, and I have found that MBAM picks up PUPs missed by both AVG and CCleaner.
Hi there
It will pick up some PUPS of course -- however the trick of "Writing a Good PUP" (Ugh !!!) is to make the program appear as far as possible like a standard Windows executable rendering it hard to detect that it is malware.

I don't doubt that MBAM is reasonably effective but these can never be 100%. I have a Linux Internet gateway and Proxy server that monitors my Internet traffic and I use the hardware router logs regularly -- if anything untoward - I don't even bother to look for the cause - I simply RESTORE from my last clean backup --that works 100% and is a lot less time consuming than "After the fact" analysis or as they say in the USA "Monday Morning Quarterbacking".

As in all these things YMMV of course

BTW since using a Linux Proxy server and Internet gateway I've had ZERO problems !! The Linux server is 100% reliable --only time it's down is to add / change hardware -- and even HDD's can be "Hot swapped".

You could do the same on Windows machines too if you have a spare machine -- create a Proxy server and rout Internet requests through it.

Sounds complex but it's incredibly easy and very little overhead on Internet connection.