Hi All,

I use my laptop to cast music to my TV device via wifi. This allows me to listen to music whilst working on my laptop. However, Since upgrading from 8.1 to windows 10, this function became unavailable.

Having spent weeks googling possible problems, contacting Microsoft for answers and even Samsung re my TV set up. All my streams are available to any devices in my homegroup, all adapters ets are up to date. None of this made any difference as I kept getting the message 'media not available'.

My windows firewall is now managed by AVG internet security (2015). so I disabled AVG firewall and to my surprise the 'cast to' function works perfectly.

I have allowed the AVG firewall to allow my media and homegroup through but this doesn't make a difference. The only solution is to disable the firewall?

Not wanting to put my internet a risk, is there another solution to cast to my device without disabling AVG, or disable AVG firewall but allow windows firewall to protect me?