hi, since this summer when I started using Windows 10, I realized some Recurring problems that I could be solve only with a back up.
One of these is that the Windows firewall gets blocked and will not start more.
giving me error as 0x800706d9
At first I thought it was Eset Smart Security, so despite having paid the license, I switched to the only antivirus Eset nod32 combining it with windows firewall controll.
But even with this sofware the problem has come back.
Same problem if I disable windows defender and then I want to reactivate this do not start no more.
Even the Store gives me problems if I uninstall some apps that I consider useless after a while 'the Store does not start anymore.
Frankly I'm tired of doing backups and restores.
there is a solution or perhaps THE BEST think to do is not to use any other firewall, to do not disable windows defender and do not uninstall any app from the store ???