I have contracted a Virus that shows many Ads Solved

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    Windows 10 Version 1709 as of 01-21-218
       15 Nov 2015 #1

    I have contracted a Virus that shows many Ads

    I am now using another computer, by the way, since my primary computer in infected with Malware. I have Windows 10 on my primary computer and Windows 7 Professional on this one.

    While downloading a version of Adobe, I clicked on a few windows that I shouldn't have clicked on. This was on Monday, November 9, at about 2:00 pm. Since then, I have been deluged with ads of all kinds; these are full screen ads that even register as a new tab. I also am getting pop-up ads. One of the pop-up ads that comes up in the notification area is "Healer Console."

    An example of the full-screen ads is Shopperz. Some of the new software that was downloaded is Wajam, Webshield, One System Care, Browser Air, MPCK, and PCSpeedUp.

    Now, when I click on Microsoft Edge, I get www-searching.com as a browser.

    A pop-up ad that now appears in the middle of my screen and cannot be deleted (I have to restart) is called "Setup - gentle." It offers adware such as Shopperz and many others.

    The constant invasion of ads had made it almost impossible to use the computer.

    One new software "NowUSeeIt Player" will not uninstall at all.

    I should also add that at one point a very authoritarian woman's voice comes on and informs me that my computer has been infected with a virus and that I should immediately call a telephone number that is provided on the screen.

    I have not been able to employ "System Restore" because I did not know that you have to create "System Restore Points" in advance - in anticipation that one might have problems.

    I have been able to reach "Malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-adware-popup-ads/". The first step is to "uninstall" any new "suspect" software. I have tried to do this, however, the software that I uninstall keeps coming back.

    The second step for "Malwaretips" is to download "ADWCleaner," however, a search offers about a dozen different sites for it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should proceed?

    John C., in the Discussion Forum, has suggested that I might have to do a "Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-Place Upgrade." Does anyone have an opinion on this possibility?

    Thanks for your help.
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  2.    15 Nov 2015 #2

    You can download ADWCleaner from here AdwCleaner Download and run it. It will do a scan and may ask you to reboot if it finds anything (sounds like it will).

    Then download Malwarebytes from here Malwarebytes | Free Anti-Malware Detection & Removal Software and run a scan using that. You may wish to untick the free trial of Pro version during the install but it doesn't matter either way really.

    Hold of the repair install for now - let us know the outcome of these two first.
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    Windows 10 Version 1709 as of 01-21-218
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       15 Nov 2015 #3

    Success! Just a few lingering Items

    Thanks lx07 for the links to ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes.org.

    The ADWCleaner deleted 28 files, and, it appears also many small background files. But some ads still came up; however, after I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes, all of the ads except one disappeared (see below).

    Here is a list of the lingering items:

    1/ A window named "Healer Console" appears in the lower right "notification" corner. However, when I cancel it, it doesn't come back. This window only shows up with Microsoft Edge, but, again, when I click on Microsoft Edge, www-searching.com opens up as the browser. With Internet Explorer the "Healer Console" ad does not show up.

    2/ The Microsoft Edge browser shows as www-searching.com. It didn't do this prior to the infection.

    3/ The software "NowUSeeIt Player" cannot be deleted. A message comes up that reads: "Do you want this app to update software on your PC?" Whatever you click on: yes or no, nothing happens. The program name for this software is: 221a3c.msi

    4/ An ad for "PC Speedup Pro Repair," which seems to be connected to the www-searching.com browser, opens up unsolicited; however, not when I use Internet Explorer.

    Question: Does the ADW Cleaner software remain on the computer? I see that the Malwarebytes does remain with an icon on the Desktop.

    Thanks again to lx07 and to John C. for pursuing this problem to a successful conclusion.
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    Win 10 Pro, 18219 (Skip) 64bit
       15 Nov 2015 #4

    Good advice from lx07.

    Recommend doing a System Restore to a point prior to the issue, then running Malwarebytes and AdW Cleaner again to be safe.

    Not sure if AdW Cleaner remains on computer in some form, but I always download again and use the uninstall button.
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    Windows 10 Version 1709 as of 01-21-218
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       15 Nov 2015 #5

    Response for torre

    Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, I did not set any "System Restore Points" at all. For previous editions of Windows, one did not have to set (or have the computer set) Restore Points; after a virus infection, you could set a date back to which you wanted to restore your system. I'll have to make sure that I set regular Restore Points for the future - or have Windows 10 do it automatically.
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  6.    15 Nov 2015 #6

    ADWcleaner remains on your computer but it isn't installed. To run it just double click on it again (you can move it from downloads and put it wherever you like). It stores all its logs in a new folder on your PC called C:\ADWCleaner

    Please run it again and upload the log file generated (click on scan, then clean). When it reboots notepad should open with a report of what it has done. It will be called something like "AdwCleaner[C2]" but the number may be different.

    Please save this document to your desktop and then upload it with your next post as described here Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Ten Forums - Windows 10 Forums
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       15 Nov 2015 #7

    In addition to the above.
    Win+X -> Programs and Features
    Check if any add-on toolbar, search toolbar, bloatware were installed then uninstall them.
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    Windows 10 Version 1709 as of 01-21-218
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       15 Nov 2015 #8

    For lx07: Copy of ADWCleaner LogFile

    For lx07: Thanks for the Follow-up:

    The browser www-searching.com still opens up when I click on Microsoft Edge. An ad appears in the middle of the page by "************" If I click on "No," a full-screen ad opens up for software to tweek Windows 10. Also the "Healer Console" ad still appears when I click on Microsoft Edge. Interesting that it will not let me type the name of "r e i m a g e.com" That's what all of the stars are above. *********

    I ran the ADWCleaner Scan and Cleaning: It generated a LogFile; I tried to use "insert image" to upload the file, but it would not function. Therefore, I have copied the file.

    # AdwCleaner v5.021 - Logfile created 15/11/2015 at 17:15:42
    # Updated 14/11/2015 by Xplode
    # Database : 2015-11-13.3 [Server]
    # Operating system : Windows 10 Home (x86)
    # Username : User - USER-PC
    # Running from : C:\Users\User\Downloads\AdwCleaner.exe
    # Option : Cleaning
    # Support : Forum - ToolsLib

    ***** [ Services ] *****

    [-] Service Deleted : bsdriver

    ***** [ Folders ] *****

    ***** [ Files ] *****

    [-] File Deleted : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\bsdriver.sys
    [-] File Deleted : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\cherimoya.sys

    ***** [ DLLs ] *****

    ***** [ Shortcuts ] *****

    ***** [ Scheduled tasks ] *****

    ***** [ Registry ] *****

    [-] Key Deleted : HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{9563BC59-9556-4805-8CD4-886781779D8D}
    [-] Key Deleted : HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wek yb3d8bbwe\Children\001\Internet Explorer\EdpDomStorage\www-searching.com
    [-] Key Deleted : HKCU\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wek yb3d8bbwe\Children\001\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\www-searching.com

    ***** [ Web browsers ] *****


    :: "Tracing" keys removed
    :: Winsock settings cleared

    ########## EOF - C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner[C2].txt - [1359 bytes] ##########
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    Windows 10 Version 1709 as of 01-21-218
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       15 Nov 2015 #9

    For topgundcp:

    Thanks for the tip. It appears that there were no add-on toolbars, search toolbars, or bloatware installed.
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       15 Nov 2015 #10

    Another place you might want to check. Turn on the "Show Hidden Files" & uncheck "Hide protected operating..." in Folder Options and look at the root folder of your HD's to see if there's an autorun.inf
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