How to delete yourself from internet searches and hide your identity

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    Linux:Debian, Kali-Linux... 2xWin8.1,1x7Pro, Retro:1x2003server.1xXPpro, 1xW2k,1x98SE,1x95,1x3.11

    F22 Simpilot said:
    Masscan, aircrack NG, Nmap, Kali, ParrotOS, you name it, I've used it. LOL! Before even that I used a live distro called Tropix. Back then I tried to obtain it (like I did with all my huge downloads) on my laptop in the bitter Winter from behind a dumpster at an Office Depot store in town using their free Wi-Fi. LOL But it was taking way too long and my computer was actually slower with temps at around -11C.
    darn, that sounded as it was a cold experience standing behind a dumpster in the middle of the winter. At least, your computer didn't overheated. *lol*
    Okay I have never heard of Plurix..
    I did start using PC computers 1987.. but it was MS-dos and then win3.11 up to win7.. then when they announced win7EOL 2020 i started looking in to linux in February 2018 and the spring of 2019 i started using linux as daily driver.. So i have mostly been microsoft poisoned all my life. *LOL* I did have win8.1 as MS computer for a few things that dont work on Linux (you know adobe and so on) So up to i register in here i had used win10 for 10minutes just to evaluate it back in 2015 (or when they released it) and then 30-60minutes to hack it in to pieces to try to rip out cortana and all crap. and when a big roll-up was done, all hard work was gone.... so i never touched it again until last month i started to play around with a VM to see if i can get it to work as win8.1 is EOL too now.
    But it sounds interesting you used Plurix in the past. so how has your way thru the computer OS world looked like over the years.. i have a feeling you have used more then Plurix

    F22 Simpilot said:
    Attachment 389022

    122 years ago the hard cover book The First Men In The Moon was published and written by H.G. Wells. 68 years after this book was published Neil Armstrong would touch the surface of the moon.

    Art often times imitates reality and fire is old school... Also, circles are infinite for a reason....
    I have actually not read any of those books.. I only know of them so to speak.

    F22 Simpilot said:
    The logical question here is to question what is written and learn about the facts, like biblical archeology, etc. 7 days could be 7 millennium for all we pea size minded chimps know. Trust me when I tell you the science of pseudoscience has yet to test things from the paranormal side of things to a professional degree. And that's because in large part due to A) lack of funding and B) it's taboo. Besides, the language and culture waaaay back then were very different to us today. So what was written in the most stolen book in the world (The Bible) is probably true to an extent, but mostly written in metaphor like fashion and whatnot. Jesus himself spoke in may metaphors in order for the person asking the question to understand. Take for example Luke 10:25... Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... the red lettering is/was Jesus' words...
    I have not read the Bible, i have looked in it a few times to see what kind of things they have written. I'm an atheist so i don't "believe" so to speak even if i was baptized as a tiny child. so i could not say no as i had not learned how to speak then
    My mother and sister do believe in the paranormal as ghost, afterlife and so on.. I believe it that day they can prove it exists, until then i let others think what they want, I'm okay with that as long they accept i don't believe in it yet.
    So it would actually be interesting if the science looked in to the paranormal side.
    I know this is dangerous to say, but The Bible and The Qur'an can be one of the biggest hoax in mankind's history.. we all know mankind is somewhere between 100.000-200.000 years old.. and the books is around 2000years but the first kind of writing is way older.. so why wasn't it mention earlier about 7days and all that...... (Seven Days is a good TV series though)
    I think it mostly is, that most people in the world just need something bigger then mankind to believe in, to accept the unknown or the "X-factor"... to bad that religion also do starts war.. otherwise its a good thing that drives people to not give up in hard times.

    F22 Simpilot said:
    Back to the thread topic at hand. To REALLY stay hidden on the Internet (or in society for that matter) is to simply blend in. Blend in, be humble, be curious and stay smart...

    How did this guy write so many things that would come to past? Because we do...


    To be conceptual requires one to be open to all possibilities, no matter how far flung they may be....
    exactly. it all comes down to. "whom" you want to stay hidden from... common people, the Big-Five, or the government
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Did you know Jesus and pals are mentioned in the Quran? There is more to this world than one can possibly know of. In fact, Jesus himself said he wasn't of this world.

    I don't want to get into a religions conversation, but I think all the religions in the world as well as science are small pieces of the puzzle that answer that great question: why? I can't really type it all out here, it'd be a book...

    It is a shame man has used religion as a pretext to war. Like a quote from the movie Terminator 2 for example, "we are meant to destroy ourselves." And in Jurassic Park, "woman inherits the earth." LOL!

    Again, there is more to this universe than you can possibly imagine.

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