Just wait they will bring it in so that areas like banking being a good example here what happens when they want to hash one of your TPM keys against a CA and so that you can MFA into your bank account?

it means that they know its you like the real you not the online you. That has all sorts of privacy ethics involved imo not to mention like geo location and all sorts of other stuff.

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We have been doing fine without TPM all this time in computing only the naive end up with malware infected PC i have not had a problem for the last 15 years or so and am still on the same very install of windows 10 that i put on this PC since it released.

TPM is only really warranted in the enterprise area of computing not the consumer side.

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Another example Just look at Minecraft they are using cryptography now like it only came recently to the game as a means to authenticate who said what in civil complaints/disputes against other users of the game.

Basically Microsoft is playing mediator overlord in the game and is punishing players who step out of line by banning them from all of Minecraft multiplayer in the worst case. This is unethical on third party servers imo as these are hosted by the public and it should be the sole administrators right to police their own servers not overlord Microsoft.

i guess we got to be safe at the end of the day the boggy man is coming.

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Would you implant an RFID chip that will probably have TPM and other measures into your arm when that starts becoming the normal thing to do? I know we getting to far out there but its coming we are only at the start of it and TPM has been out for 10 years already roughly maybe even earlier i am not sure without going and looking but i know 1st gen had it so since 2009.

Like all things of this nature like we saw early biometrics around XP that was 20 years ago etc. They do it slow so people become used to it and its always so convinet right that is the other factor so that people lap it up all the naive ones.. after a long time it will all be mandatory anyway.

Anyone who watches sci fi movies its also telling the narrative from years long past. I mean series like star trek where they had little mobile devices they talked into way before we had that tech in real life and star trek was a comic book or actual book before it was on TV most likley right?

i know starting to get to much into tin foil hat. But we cannot imagine things that don't exist because its not possible.

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it also means in the coming years be careful what you do online like very careful it also means be careful about what you say and it also means don't use other peoples computers sensitive tasks. Don't even think of using a public computer.

I could be wrong but imo i feel like this is where we are heading and until now they could only assume through various means but physical ties to a machine that is locking keys that can be hashed and verified to know that it is you and your device sounds kind of invasive to me.

Credentials as it stands can be falsified and should be unless it is important stuff but this is the next level of we are starting to branch into where your personal credentials are going to be confirmed through physical means on your devices every time you log into something that has a copy of your real credentials they will know its you because you stored some keys from their system and then they can hash those keys to verify your through MFA.
All your personal real world creds are on your profile file when working with a legitimate system like banking for example, your name address and other info etc. So they will know its you behind the computer.