Which free antivirus will you prefer to use with win 10?

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  • Windows Defender

    97 61.01%
  • Avast

    26 16.35%
  • Avira

    5 3.14%
  • Anything else (mention please)

    31 19.50%
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  1. Posts : 5,286
    Win 10 Pro x64

    +1 on that Thrashzone.
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  2. Posts : 258
    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

    have used Defender and Malwarebytes since Windows 8 and will use it on 10
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  3. Posts : 983
    Windows 7/64 Professional

    Windows 10 is no different the best I can tell when it comes to more than one anti virus program at one time.

    One anti virus program at one time on one computer.

    Their are some that say that they can run more that one at a time but it's not the norm.
    Because we are testing W-10 and not anti virus programs I use the built in Defender.

    When their is a built in capability of this new operating system I try to use it just to see if it works. I'm testing W-10 if possible to help Microsoft make a better operating system and will let the 3rd party programs do their own testing and keep up with W-10.

    If a 3rd party program doesn't work in W-10 it could be the program or W-10 or both.
    I just post the finding here and let Microsoft know using the Feedback.

    I'm thinking that their are some 3rd programs that work in W-7 and W-8 will work in W-10 and their are some that the creators are waiting for a final version of W-10 before they make changes and release them to the public.
    Which company fixes the problem I really don't care.
    Their are some programs I must have working when Windows 10 has a final release.
    The list of programs posted on this forum that work is long compared to the list of programs that do not work. Somebody some where is doing their job.

    Intel's SSD Tool Box works on this version. I don't know if Intel fixed it or Microsoft fix it, but for me it's fixed and that is good. They might of worked together to fix the problem; who know.

    The 3rd party anti virus programs will get fixed to work with W-10. They are not going to let Microsoft get a lock on a anti virus program in W-10.

    I have to believe that most all 3rd party program creators are working overtime to make sure their programs are going to work with Windows 10.

    I do believe if Microsoft can figure out a method it will make it difficult to use W-10 on a VM unless it is registered and paid for.
    Microsoft is in the business to sell operating systems; not to load operating operating system.
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  4. Posts : 486
    Windows 10x64 17713

    Don't really see a need for anything beyond Defender.
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  5. Posts : 983
    Windows 7/64 Professional

    I use Defender just like I use MSE when in W-7.
    I will probably stick with Defender.

    Of course their will be many who prefer another anti virus. I believe they all will work with W-10 on its final release.
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  6. Posts : 19,521
    W11+W11 Developer Insider + Linux

    Layback Bear said:
    I believe they all will work with W-10 on its final release.
    They better do or will be loosing a lot of users and customers. Haven't seen any that explicitly state they would work with W10 though. I think they should hurry up and do changes on the fly as Windows updates and upgrades show up. MS could corner that market if only they would toughen up WD. They should be most aware of vulnerabilities of their own OS and should be best placed to patch up any.
    Thing like that already happened with advent of IE, free browsers sprung up almost imediatelly. Given that it's coming from the maker of OS and being privy to it's innermost secrets, MS should be making the best AV and AM programs, really don't know why are they missing that segment so much.
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  7. Posts : 11,246
    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    Hi there

    Absolutely ZERO reason to use anything other than the built in AV system for Windows 10. Windows 7 is another issue as it does NOT have a built in AV system.

    In any case you are more likely to be attacked by SCAMS and machines infected by downloading the WRONG software on download sites that make things as confusing as possible hoping you'll download "special offers", "toolbars" etc.

    Even the popular Malwarebytes can't defend against "Legitimate" programs - i.e those programs that are coded within standard windows API's etc so don't behave as "Rogue programs" but can still perform all sorts of unseen and unwanted actions on your computer.

    (Corporate defensive action is another matter -- I'm only speaking here to HOME users).

    Apart from YOU YOURSELF which is ultimately the best protection the best system is to apply decent firewall rules and block all ports except those you specifically want open - and USE YOUR ROUTER LOGS to look for any strange inbound / outbound internet accesses / requests.

    Finally never use any "special installers", open email attachments from people you don't know and don't give out info on social media sites.

    If you must use torrents then download native files only such as MP3/MP4/MKV. Don't use RAR / ZIP files or any other with obscure extensions - and if you get emails from things that LOOK like legit sites - such as Income Tax - check with authorities first before replying --AFAIK 100% of Income Tax sites the world over don't send requests for refunds via email.

    AV protection is one area which is 100% full of B/S -- always remember the old adage "The Price of education is High but the Price of Ignorance is Astronomical.

    Decide what you need to protect against and understand what "Malware" actually is -- an annoying program which issues loads of popups might seem like "malware" but irritating that it is it isn't necessarily "Malware" so your AV program will miss it.

    Also those reports that you sometimes see in the press comparing one product with another are 100% USELESS since they were written probably weeks previously -- and anything could have happened in the intervening time since the report.

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  8. Posts : 19,521
    W11+W11 Developer Insider + Linux

    The sad truth is that if there was ever an omnipotent AV/AM/APuP you would not be able to use 10% of SW out there, even less to download. Programs that install in the system using registry and system files are worst offenders and a handy gateway to innermost of the system. If all the programs were "Portable" system could have been locked much tighter and chances of corrupting it by chance or design would be minimal so the system itself would not be vulnerable to this extent.
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  9. Posts : 11,246
    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    Hi there

    Problem with Portable apps - especially in Corporations is the Licensing issue -- it would be nearly impossible to ensure only licensed software was being run.

    Even if you had a list say of allowed applications - what's to stop someone from changing the name (offline) of the executable into one that was on the allowed list.

    The other point also is that a lot of work places employ fairly Locked down machines -- Portable apps would make this process almost useless.

    I agree that the Registry is probably well passed its sell by date - so over to the OS developers of the future to come up with something more appropriate AND SAFE in the era of B.Y.O.D or Bring Your Own Device(s).

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  10. Posts : 72
    Windows 10 Insider

    Defender and Malwarebytes. I like the combination and has worked well for myself.
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