Reasonable, basic security for a NORMAL PC?

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    I'm not sure what limits the board has, but I suspect if you're talking about regular security products they'd be happy to have the information here. I don't think exposing specific deficiencies that can be exploited would be a good idea, though I presume people intent on hacking systems probably already know them...

    But I'd say if you have ideas about how to improve security, especially in the simplest, least intrusive way, it would be good to hear.
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    Hi Try3
    You believe me or not , that is up to You
    Have a look at
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Defaults\FirewallPolicy\FirewallRu les
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\Firewall Rules
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    Oh, not another one.

    A request for information is exactly that - a request for information.
    Your confrontational response is inappropriate.

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    I'm curious about the article ICY007 referenced. I read it and the thought I had was - if THEY know this and the hackers know this, Nikon has to know this.

    "The issue has persisted for at least eight years, according to some users, and affects Windows 10 21H1 and Windows 10 21H2."

    If this is a real thing, and Nikon knows it, I presume there'll be a fix coming VERY soon since even the hackers that DIDN'T know about it before, do now.

    And it says it doesn't happen with Windows 11, so is this a reason to update to Windows 11 soon? How BIG actually IS this problem for a NORMAL, non-SERVER system?
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    Look Try
    I am a Winreducer, i removed a lot of crap from Windows, my winreduced iso is
    19H1--Final.iso 1,301,278,720 01/16/2022 00:21 -a--
    A lot of Windows crap can be removed with Winreducer:
    I removed more than 100 services , applications ,drivers, languages,control panel items etc are removed
    For the moment i can not remove more or my windows become unusable
    This Winreduced works perfectly for me,most windows items are replaced with free or pro items
    After Install i have iWindows firewall removed the hard way,removed SharedAccess,defender
    Notepad is spying and saves crap when saving registries and can not be removed or the ability
    to open an extention is gone, so I replaced it with notepad 2 and that works perfectly, and even
    then when You need to safe items in notepad 2 or You get crap into your savings
    And about registeredit or clones using Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00,
    they all provide false information, alot of crap inside the saved registries
    Only REGEDIT4 registry editors give correct info, but there is only one i know off
    Manually i remove a lot of items from registry that is yet not removable with Winreducer.
    I do not doubt about your capacities Try3, i won't going into discussions with You and I respect You.
    But I know what I do and I do not have to prove anything if someone does not believe it
    I am not going in discussions to prove i am right and someone is wrong
    This is a very small resume of what I am doing
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    I don't think most of the "normal" users out here, me included, are going to go to that effort.

    My original question, many pages ago was how to set up a simple, effective reasonably secure system for a user that isn't doing super-secret-double-nought-spy stuff with large quantities of money or guarding the secret formula for KFC, or anything other than plain, normal, email, browsing, and so on...

    I'm sure what you're doing is great, but it may be a bit extreme for most of us.
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    I concur with your assessment. I'm not interested in those extreme security measures either.
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    In addition to Defender and Malwarebyte...

    The easiest thing I know to add to protect your network is a Secure DNS servers like.

    Home Internet Security | OpenDNS

    It's free for home / family users.

    Then in addition if you have a router that is a little capable block all DNS queries that are not going trough your Router flush all DNS caches and it's done.

    You computer cannot catch what it cannot reach.

    Reasonable, basic security for a NORMAL PC?-screenshot00208.jpg
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