I was just considering Edge password manager, but it does not have a password generator. Yes, it can generate passwords, 10 characters long, if there were not that sad, it would be actually funny. I always use max allowed length (100+), paypal is a joke too with its max 20 characters policy.

I had to recently change my password policy. I use the same password for common webpages, but they share leaked passwords now, they will not even allow me to register with it, so I made it easier:

Username: TaitikuOkami
Password: www.tenforums.com
Compumind said:
Create a 256 bit encrypted Word document or Excel spreadsheet,
I store passwords like this, additionally encrypted, because encrypted documents can be decrypted, it is much harder than in the past, but it can be done. Not to mention copy/paste, the password is still in the clipboard and any webpage can read it, unless you disable javascripts or copy a nonsense afterwards. Axcrypt used to be a great option, it offered a file encryption and it also included 2FA, a keyfile.
ignatzatsonic said:
if I had a need for 100 passwords that supposedly protected something halfway important.
eshops with saved personal information and sometimes payment details.