Hi friends,

I'm using Windows 10, Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363

I'm in a bit of a jam. Thanks to a faulty USB cable, my 8TB external hard-drive disconnected while decrypting the data. And so now it's not accepting my password, which I know is correct.

I get the first following error:

Data Recovery from Bitlocker Encrypted Drive Fail-e1.png

So I did some googling and found these instructions:

How to Recover Data from Damaged Bitlocker Drive

I bought another 8TB hard-drive, formatted it and executed:

repair-bde E: F: -pw –Force

This went to 100%, which some errors reading specific sectors (which the article outlined). But when I went to run chkdsk as recommended, I got the following error on the output drive (F:\)

Data Recovery from Bitlocker Encrypted Drive Fail-f2.png

I also get the following error when I attach the output drive from Windows:

Data Recovery from Bitlocker Encrypted Drive Fail-f1.png

When I get the disks in DISKPART, the corrupted drive seems to still have something on it, even though it went to completion with repair-bde.

Data Recovery from Bitlocker Encrypted Drive Fail-diskpart.png

I'm at a loss, my next step is ddrescue on Linux, but I'm not even sure that would work with a, presumably, still encrypted drive.

Any help would be greatly, greatly, appreciated. It's family photos, all that jazz, so I need to do everything I can to get it back.