Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager

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    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager

    <I'm venting, so if you're not in the mood just ignore this one>

    I've been messing around looking at password managers for a week... And after sifting through a bunch, I finally got down to 4, then ended up where I was hoping not to - with the two "best", Dashlane and Lastpass. I've tried free versions of BOTH in the past and found them to lack some things, but having a couple folks I know get hit in the last month has made me get serious about spending a little money beefing up security on the 3 PCs and 2 android phones... ALL I WANT is

    • Log into the password manager when I boot up or log into the system. After that I don't want to have to log into it again in 2 hours or 2 days or any time 'til I have to log off or reboot the system. I DON'T want to have to log in every time I start a browser.
    • Fill in usernames and passwords.
    • Handle things like library cards - card in username, nothing or a PIN in the password... I don't want the security to go ballistic 'cause the "password isn't strong" 'cause it's NOT a password. Just put the information in the right fields at the library site. I've got 5 of 'em and DON'T want to have to remember numbers!
    • Launch sites from the vault. Create a password, modify it, grab it and launch the site.
    • Log into LOCAL applications like Skype or Adobe Creative Cloud. They're not in a browser, they're running on the PC.

    Yeah, there's a bunch of other stuff that's cute and may be handy like generating gibberish passwords, a VPN, a security scrore and checking the dark web, but what I NEED the thing to do is give me a good way to do those few things above....

    Dashlane has NO family plan, which means at normal cost, it'll be $120/year to have 2 people share a vault. Or somewhere between 3 and 4 TIMES what everybody else wants for a family plan.

    Dashlane CAN'T log into anything local - it's crippled to only work in a browser. Since you actually CAN get very minimal, primitive chat support at Dashlane (they don't do phone), I was able to get a straight answer from one of their people - NO you cannot log into anything that isn't in a browser.

    Lastpass, IN THEORY, can log into local applications, but so far I can't get anybody to state that it WILL ACTUALLY DO THIS. Actually, the customer service at Lastpass is so appalling that you can't get any information from anyone period. People that are reviewing a PAID version of the product can't even get a response from Lastpass. Every review I read liked the product and utterly DESPISED the non-existent customer service.

    Lastpass DOESN'T appear to stay alive when you close the browser. It SAYS it's supposed to - there's a check box that IS NOT CHECKED to tell it to close when the last browser closes. It closes. And if you open more than one browser, it APPEARS that browser B doesn't know browser A has already logged into the Lastpass vault and you have to do it every time you open or close any browser.

    This CANNOT be the way this works - I have GOT to be missing something - that DOESN'T compromise security like having the browsers store the password manager master password…

    There MAY be settings to fix all the above, but I can't find them anywhere in Lastpass. And since it took almost 8 hours to have Lastpass "support" acknowledge receiving my last message - not a response from support, just the automated "we got your message" message, I don't figure I'm going to get any help any time soon. And don't bother pointing me to the support forum. It's about as moribund as any I've ever seen.

    So - ANYBODY - have a pointer to a good, cost-effective password manager (2 people, 1 vault, 3 PCs, 2 android phones) that just manages passwords without making life MORE difficult instead of less? OR know the magic settings to make Lastpass not close with every browser? 'Cause other than that and the execrable customer service it seems like the best option I've found so far…

    Of course I haven't even TRIED either of these on a phone, where they REALLY have to be simple 'cause IT'S A PHONE!
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    I just use KeePass
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    Stay away!

    Use your brain instead.

    Never store passwords on your system unless it is in a heavily encrypted document that you have created, i.e. in Word. Maybe use Bitlocker, too.
    I just do not trust Password Managers.

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    Have used Roboform for years- got a special 5 year deal for something like £5 a year, but normal price is more- now a LOT more I suddenly discover... so seems to be exploiting its market.
    Our new pricing allows us to continue to make investments to improve our offering. The yearly price for our Individual plan has changed from $19.95/year to $23.88/year, and our Family plan increased from $39.90/year to $47.75/year.
    Edge, Firefox, Chrome... more..
    Android etc.

    Synced across devices.

    The only one I know that can deal with variable fields- that ask for different characters each time- and can display the password.
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    Don't blame LastPass. Blame your browser's cookie handling.

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-preferences.jpg

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-my-lastpass-vault-cookies.jpg

    If the website uses a sesion cookie for login it will expire when you close your browser anyway so you can't stay logged in:

    WordPress Cookies and PHP Sessions - Everything You Need to Know

    As for Local Application logins - it seems that the premium desktop version is requied and I cannot test that.
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    I have no idea what I did, but the reply I put in this morning doesn't appear to be attached to this thread... And I can't see the replies that came in this afternoon...

    In any case, thanks for the replies. I never thought about the browsers clearing all the cookies and site settings when they close.

    Also, I asked in the Lastpass forum and actually got an answer about why browsers don't know what each other are doing. Apparently there's some "binary component" that has to be put in Lastpass to handle communication between browsers or some such. So, I turned that on.
    Unfortunately, it didn't make any difference. Even with the security turned off and NO clearing of anything, I'm still having to log into every browser I start, and if you close a browser the vault shuts down.
    At this point we're up and running on Dashlane... No, it can't and won't log into local applications. And no, it doesn't appear to even be able to put a library card in the field (though I'm going to have to play with that some more), but at least the vault stays up.
    What I DIDN'T expect was how SLOW it is. I'm hoping it's some oddity going on with their servers or something, but once you go to a website and hit "log in", it can take 5, 6, even 10 or more seconds for Dashlane to fill in the fields. It wasn't doing this last week, so I hope it's just some short-term thing.

    Anyhow, I'd like to give Lastpass another try, but I've got to find a way to keep the vault up and running so it stays up with or without browsers from boot up to shut down.
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    I ditched Dashlane as too slow and bloated. I use LastPass browser extension (mot the installed desktop version) and the "log out when all browsers are closed" box only applies to LastPass login.

    The sites that you log into will mostly log you out automatically unless there's a "Remember Me" button.

    Like this:

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-log-.jpg

    Even then your browser might delete the login cookie when you close the browser and those cookies will have an expiration date anyway.
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    So checking cookie here:

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-cookie.jpg

    It doesn't expire until I close the browser. Once the browser is closed I'm logged out.
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