Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager

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    How many passwords does one really need?

    I have 2 that are highly complex. Both relate to banking/investing. These are committed to muscle memory, which might take a few log-ins to get straight.

    They are written down (in a fashion), but not on my PC. If you saw that actual document, you would have no idea what they referred to because the sites and passwords are only hinted at---in a subtle way known only to me.

    For everything else, including this forum, why would it matter if a common password like kittykat33 were hacked?
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    It's not quite as simple as that in my experience- but will vary depending on which sites and how many you need to access.

    Some sites require certain types of characters, some don't all others. Some have requirements on the length of the password.

    Then there are those sites that have additional security questions in some cirumstances.

    I access a good number of different -https- sites, and the login arrangements differ markedly, with up to 3 pieces of information required, and sometimes two-factor authentication as well. Further, typically one piece of information requires, say, 3 variably specified characters from a password.

    Since I don't use a consistent password across those, there is a considerable range of data to secure, together with the other security answers that one is required to set up.
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    Having different passwords for each login just makes it harder for anyone to guess a password and have access to everything.
    It may not be a big issue in most peoples minds but if someone does "hack" one of your forum logins or email accounts and uses your account to spam hate or racist comments or scams, you can at least limit the amount of damage that can be done to your online presence.
    So it can go beyond just making your banking/ shopping logins secure for some peoples use cases.
    Of course everyone has different requirements and priorities, there is no one solution to fit all comers, just use what you think is safe/ convenient.
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    ignatzatsonic said:
    For everything else, including this forum, why would it matter if a common password like kittykat33 were hacked?
    It entirely depends upon what information could be gleaned about you using the hacked password.

    Why Is It So Important to Use a Different Password on Every Site? - Ask Leo!

    If you never use that password anywhere else and there is no personal information to be found when logging in via your hacked password then it does not matter.
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    pparks1 said:
    i have hundreds of accounts and use different passwords for everything. How in the world could anybody remember all of that? I certainly cannot.

    Never store passwords on your system unless it is in a heavily encrypted document that you have created, i.e. in Word.
    Maybe use Bitlocker, too, so your drives can be encrypted.

    How do you *really* know that the software is secure?
    I just don't trust these, nor cloud storage for confidential items - period.

    It's not old school thinking - just common sense.


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    I've used 1Password for years. Although it works best on my desktop, I can make it work on my Android phones and tablets. Support is superb. I will say that I use the stand alone version so no log-ins, no cloud. That's what suits me. I recommend it for like-minded security seekers.


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    For those of you keeping everything in your "little black book", I applaud your ability to enter 23-character alphanumeric with special characters passwords quickly, accurately, and consistently.

    Given the number of bank, investment, online, and other accounts that represent financial, medical, government and other sensitive personal information, I'm pretty sure I'm NOT going to remember all dozen (at a minimum) or so. And since I'm not the only one that needs to use them, it would also require the domestic associate to have a "little black book" that's constantly keep up to date, synchronized with mine (and mine with hers), and she too would have to accurately, quickly, consistently put in those long, complex passwords.

    If you and whomever else needs the information can do all that, consistently, you're better at this than I. Otherwise...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, and I left out shopping and entertainment and ANY PLACE that has a credit card, bank account number, or other personal data - another dozen or so.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Back to the original question...

    Yes, Firefox was set up to remember everything. I'll have to check the history.

    The other browser used most frequently is Chrome, and it also closed down every time.

    As for telling Lastpass to remember the password for 30 days. Your Lastpass must look different than mine 'cause I JUST logged in and there was NO option to remember the password at all, much less for 30 days. But, remember, I'm not the free version so that may be something only in the paid version?

    In the Lastpass forum, they strongly recommend against having the browsers store the Lastpass master, which I'm guessing in how it remembers it? I don't know, only that I read a topic in there that didn't want browsers to know the master password.

    I"m starting to wonder if the whole "vault staying alive" is something not in the free version? Are y'all that are having no problem with having to log in every time to every browser on the free version?
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    Compumind said:
    How do you *really* know that the software is secure?
    I don't really know. So, passwords for forum sites and less critical stuff is stored within LastPass. If it gets popped, then somebody might come in here and post as me..

    For things like banking, credit cards, retirement accounts, taxes, etc....these passwords are only stored within KeePass, and that KeePass database is stored in an encrypted container on Dropbox. So, somebody would have to break into Dropbox, then defeat my encrypted container and then default KeePass. I'm pretty comfortable that won't happen.
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    Can't help with Chrome as I use an alternative (Vivaldi browser)

    RE: Firefox.

    In addition to setting it to remember history and cookies and setting it not to clear them on shiutdown - did you configure session restore to remember sessions?

    In addition check that disk cache is enabled and memory cache is disabled which is the opposite of how I have it set in these screenshots:

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-advanced-preferences.jpg

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-advanced-preferences-2.jpg

    So check settings and they should be:

    browser.cache.memory.enable needs to be False
    browser.cache.disk.enable needs to be True
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    Then try this extension:

    Cookie Quick Manager – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

    Use it to protect all cookies:

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-cookie-quick-manager-options.jpg

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-cookie-quick-manager-options-2.jpg

    Just looking for a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL password manager-cookie-quick-manager-options-3.jpg

    Relaunch firefox. If the cookies don't show up then something is clearing them.
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