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McAffee is known simply as McAwful

Absolutely 100% Zero reason to use this on Windows 10 any more -- any version of McAffee whether paid for or not.

In fact on HOME computers (not Work / corporate stuff which have other considerations to think about) there's really ZERO need to install ANY extra security / Anti Virus Software at all --including one often advocated by a lot of people here --Malwarebytes.

The built in Windows Defender with its real time protection is based on the really robust security built into Ms's AZURE cloud server systems --regarded as one of the best security features in the industry.

I often ask people in this section --what does any A/V package come up with (paid for or not) that WD fails to notice - excluding the hassle of loads of "false positives" that a lot of these older 3rd party things throw up.

You are in C21 much more likely to get scammed than have your machine infected by any sort of Virus these days --infecting a "mom and pop" home computer these days is just so passe and doesn't make any money which is the name of the game.

Identity theft, fraud, fake websites etc are the name of the game today -- even if you use torrents there's almost zero malware in these --those sites now live by advertising and the last thing they want is for their users to have their computers infected - anybody uploading dubious content to those places will usually get banned anyway,

To protect against scamming etc requires a really sophisticated amount of A.I if one wants software protection and we are nowhere near that level yet --Human brain is the only reasonably cost effective solution against scammers and fraudsters.

If you want to install all this extra stuff for your own piece of mind -- so be it -- but there's really 100% ZERO technical need to do it any more on recent versions of Windows 10 whether HOME, PRO,EDUCATION or WORKSTATION editions.