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    idgat said:
    Ever done/Try doing a WhoIs trace on one of those so-called review sites ?

    I repeat,
    Try3 said:
    What is the basis for that accusation?
    I am interested in studying the source material so I can decide whether or not to ignore any particular test sites.

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    Try3 said:

    I repeat,
    I am interested in studying the source material so I can decide whether or not to ignore any particular test sites.

    You need to run a Whois on the survey url site. You may then need to do business name/corporate registration search(es) on owner names >>>> the ultimate parent company. With the a/v software, again business name/corporate registrations search(es) on product name >>>> the ultimate parent company.

    Bingo, both run out of the same address in (where-ever).
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    Windows Security nowadays isn't all that bad. It offers a decent level of protection for many different areas of computing. But it should be considered one barrier, and not THE ONLY barrier you have. It can be tampered with pretty easily, especially if the nasty stuff manages to get breathing space on your drive(s). It doesn't take much to compromise Windows Security.

    Besides, every single security suite/package you use is only as good as the threats it knows about. Sorry to burst anyones bubble here but, no AV is capable of knowing what it doesn't know. And there is FAR FAR FAR (ad infinitum) MORE out there we do not know is lurking around in regards to nasty stuff that can get onto your computer, than we what we do know about. Just think about it. All the major attacks on computers are done through threats that were not known. New threats appear all the time and they get through the barriers because the barriers don't know these new threats exist. Think of it like literally walking through a military checkpoint with armed guards all over the place and them not blinking an eye because they don't know you are there! That's in a very basic way.

    Of course, there is A LOT we do know. But all that's in the past. New bad stuff is being made all the time. It would be literally impossible by the laws of nature to know what we do not know. That's why we don't know it. And that's why AV are only as good as what we do know. And what we do know is always behind the current threats that are out there. If you're a security researcher you might find one virus and then a week later another pops up. While you're researching the first you're already getting wind of new ones every week, maybe every day.

    In terms of AV review websites. I agree with what is being said. Most review sites are biased. It's how they get paid; promote certain products. They might say they don't get paid but most of the time there is always an incentive to promote a particular product, and so you can never be sure. If you want unbiased reviews you are better off going off sites like AV-Comparatives and AV-Test. These are almost institutions among themselves that are backed by the security community to produce reliable and scientific (although easy to read tests) on the current best antivirus software. If in doubt, always go for the more academic, scientific and technical websites. These guys usually have no incentive to promote AV products over others because by their very existence and job titles they are professionals with academic/professional ties to the communities that make things safer. And that means the sales part of the end product goes out of the window and the nuts and bolts of their work is purely studying the current threat landscape. The focus is not on software but on actual threats and threat mitigation. The software is simply the end product given to consumers like us.

    AV-TEST | Unabhangige Tests von Antiviren- & Security-Software
    AV-Comparatives | Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software
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    Windows Defender is hardened easily using GitHub - AndyFul/ConfigureDefender: Utility for configuring Windows 10 built-in Defender antivirus settings. This is a simple GUI to easily enable and configure WD.

    Set to it to High and you'll have solid, problem-free protection. You may enable some other settings like Controlled Folder Access and/or a couple of other ASR rules if you want Max protection. You may have to add some exclusions if you use any of these features, depending on your installed 3rd party apps. You may also get help at as @Jimmy9190 suggested. Another advantage of WD is trouble-free compatibility with Windows Updates.

    For really simple, set-and-forget protection you may use Bitdefender Free. The only setting is Protection On/Off. Uses a bit of RAM but adjusts to your system after a day or two, is quite nimble and no longer plagued by past bugs. My choice after Windows Defender.

    Kaspersky Security Cloud is free and lets you tweak it if you wish.
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