Sandboxie 5.33.6 was released yesterday. This version is not an official release, or even a beta, but we are being asked to test it and see if we are able to do with SBIE what we are used to doing with SBIE. This version is an step toward open source. They are getting ready the code that will be released. Some code was eliminated in this version. Anyway, I think it behooves Sandboxie users to install this version to see how it feels, and how it works in your computer. I already did, and all is working great. Just about everything I do in the computer, I do it sandboxed. The only time I am not using SBIE is when the computer is idle or I am doing updates. And I cant find nothing wrong with it, and you probably wont either. FWIW, the SBIE code till the end (open source) is being handled by Curt.

You can get the installers from here.

Announcing Sandboxie 5.33.6 release and open source update - Sandboxie Forum - Sandboxie - Sophos Community

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