Hi folks

Not sure how to block this one

If I say on Computer 1 LOCK terminal but Sharing / SAMBA is enabled then Computer 2 for example (can be Windows or Linux -- could even be a phone / macbook or whatever) can still continue to display and access shared drives on Computer 1 and continue to access Virtual Machines running on it if the user in the VM config file specifes run in batch if user logs off.

What I really would like is that when I LOCK the screen on computer 1 then all accesses to it are also disabled until a user logs on again. The entire machine should be in LOCK / FROZEN state IMO.

Background processes such as Virtual Machines should also IMO be suspended until the terminal is unlocked again. Shared drives should also prohibit access until terminal is UNLOCKED again.

Note I'm referring to LOCKING the terminal -- Logging out isn't a problem as all background services can continue without a problem.

I'm not operating the computer in "Kiosk Mode" where a background operation might be fine --e.g delivery drivers logging on at a warehouse for collection / delivery etc.

BTW this wish isn't as idiotic as it sounds -- for example you might suspect or be warned of a breach taking place e.g unauthorized user attempting to access protected data / application(s). At this point you want to FREEZE the entire machine so you can do reasonable investigations -- if processes are continuin continue the hackers or whatever can probably disappear and remove all traces of their activities before you can run any sensible diagnostics or investigative processes.

Before some imbecile says also how can you do investigations on a "Frozen" computer -- simple -- you disconnect everything from Internet, and any other network, unlock machine, login as admin and take a complete dump and then investigate at will.