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    win 10 pro 64bit 21H2 19044.1466

    Windows Security

    I st time poster,3 days ago Finally had to upgrade to new system & to win 10 Pro 64bit ,Wow! Disappointed ,yes.
    Win 10 updated to current latest update .
    Logged as Admin , Most telemetry turned off , No cloud, No microsoft acc, No Cortana etc .
    Malware bytes pro installed and functioning .
    Now !
    Settings> Updates and security > Windows Security> Account Protection.

    Accounts Protection Is flagged yellow and when clicked a notification box appears with ,
    (you need a new app to open windows Defender )
    Therefore i can not perform any scans , schedules , etc .
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    win 10

    Hi their should be a setting in malware bytes to let defender coincide. I on my phone right now so when I get home will look what settings need changing. Someone might come along before I get back and help.
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    win 10 pro 64bit 21H2 19044.1466
    Thread Starter

    Installed Malwarebytes Pro as a safe guard after noticing that i could not open any menus in security.

    All sub menus .> Firewall / Network Protection>Apps /Browser control>Device Security > Device Performance .ETC.
    Will not allow me to open. to configure settings.
    They all recieve the same pop up ( you need to visit Miro Store for App) ( ticked box always use this app to open)

    Currently only installed to C Drive O/S
    Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe DC, Aomei Pro Back Up,Malwarebytes Pro.
    I have not even transfered all my data, etc from prev win 7 computer to drives F; & G;
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Oldhead said: need to visit Miro Store for App...
    Miro Store? Are you sure?

    Can you upload screen capture images of what you see please?
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    Win 10

    Unfortunately you cannot register Malwarebytes with Security Center and still have Windows Defender active. This is because Microsoft does not allow Windows Defender to remain active if any other program is registered with Security Center as antivirus protection. To use Malwarebytes with Windows Defender still active you need to turn off the option in Malwarebytes for Malwarebytes to register in the Windows Security Center.
    Windows Security-image.png
    Last edited by Porthos; 09 Feb 2020 at 00:37.
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    win 10 pro 64bit 21H2 19044.1466
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Oscer1, Porthos.
    This issue was present before installing Malwarebytes . But i have altered Malwarebytes as per advice.
    Also i have no ability to right click and select (scan with windows defender ) to check downloaded files ????
    Win10 scam of the century!
    As per snip ,both items in windows security circled need attention, but when clicked a window pops up with (this item needs App from Microsoft store ) Could not get a snip of pop up as once i move mouse to snip , the pop up box disappears
    Windows Security-annotation-2020-02-09-221343.jpg.
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    Win 10

    @Oldhead What did you use to turn off things in Windows?
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    win 10 pro 64bit 21H2 19044.1466
    Thread Starter

    Ran SFC. Ran DSM. Hrs of searching ,problem solved.
    Net Helpmsg 2182.
    Seems that quiet a few Win 10 users where having issues.
    Defender now fully functioning .

    Why oh why did MS do this ??? Oh I know $$$$$$$$$$
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    win 10

    Glad to hear issue resolved
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    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    Hi there


    The answer to your question : Why did Ms do this !!!.

    The whole point of a decent security system in an OS is to protect the OS and its user(s) as best it can (rather like the old CIA / FBI mantra --"To protect against all enemies - Foreign and Domestic ").

    Once you allow any 3rd party product into the actual base core of the OS you are inevitably going to ensure future problems with an OS update --as the 3rd party people won't usually have access to the proprietary code of the kernel core. They have to rely on published API's or "get around hooks" that they have somehow "reverse engineered" from the machine code of the relevant OS component.

    Windows these days (totally different from laughable security on earlier versions of Windows) is one of the most Robust in the Industry -- it's based on the excellent (not my words but generally prevailing consent throughout the industry) military strength -- almost but definitely Enterprise quality security on the AZURE Cloud platform --Ms's biggest (or one of the biggest) money spinners to date.

    You don't need malwarebytes or any 3rd party stuff on Windows any more -- those are solutions for security problems are at least a decade old -- todays hacks are much more likely to be Identity theft, bank account scams etc etc -- nothing any A/V program could defend you against anyway.

    Keep WD up to date, ensure the real time protection is on (yes there is a decent one in Windows WD) and save your money -- with the money you save buy a nice fast SSD instead !!!

    I've posted a few times requests for people to post what WD fails to find that Malwarebytes does -- nobody seems to have posted any replies to that question.

    Malwarebytes a few years ago was fine but like some of these "Old Wives tales" that were valid several years ago like Disk defragging, SSD's not durable very long and 3rd party A/V software being superior to WD -- well those days are well and truely over.

    If you really still want to use these things "for peace of mind / paranoia aversion" then go ahead but don't expect seamless operation from time to time as the OS itself is updated.

    BTW these remarks are intended for HOME computers ONLY -- ensuring robust security on public acessible (private type) Networks such as VPN's , Forums, Corporate servers and Cloud servers is a totally different ballgame though.

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