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    Windows Security Win 10

    Just checking my Security is OK, went to Security at a Glance and all the icons were ticked, so hope that is right, also do I have to do any scanning, and is that all the security that I need?
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    Depends on your browsing habits really.
    Wouldn't hurt to download Adwcleaner from Malwarebytes and use it occasionally.
    Defender scans automatically, you can do a manual scan if you want.
    Win10's built in security is as good as any 3rd party now, if all is green you should be good to go.
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    Thanks, not sure what my 'browsing habits' are, !!ha, but I'm just a 'normal' mature woman, so hope I'm alright,
    I have Malwarebytes already on when I was Win 7, so will try it later see if it works.
    thanks again
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    Hi folks

    There's really no value to using Malwarebytes or any other 3rd party A.V solutions these days on Home computers running any version of W10 (except Pirated editions !!!!) assuming you let WD do its thing.

    The current models for security on Windows are modelled on the excellent and really robust system Ms continues to build in its (extremely profitable) Azure Cloud computing systems - no tiddly company the size of malwarebytes etc is going to come anywhere NEAR that these days either in resources or the ability to get right into the Windows kernel and provide almost daily updates if any nasties appear.

    Even pups are usually blocked and in any case unless people are looking for pirated software / multimedia they shouldn't ever get any computer viruses these days -- certainly if you watch out for scams (A/V software won't protect against those) , fake websites and avoid opening / doing anything with emails from unknown senders --especially opening attachments.

    99% of Computer security for HOME computers these days is just the last throw of the dice from a lot of companies (and consultants) who know they've well and truly passed their sell by date. (Corporate / Office Lan etc type stuff is another matter and I'm not addressing that problem --I'm on strictly on about HOME computers.

    If the AZURE security system is robust enough for the CIA / NSA and its benefits are passed down into W10 by means of WD then I'm quite happy to rely on that -- and I haven't has a single security problem with any version of W10 I've been using ever since W10 was released several years ago. (And confession here -- I have once in a while used that site flying the old jolly roger to get the odd TV series that isn't (and won't) be available here --even on Amazon / Netflix !!!!).

    Don't make the mistake of thinking W10 needs the same additional protection as W7 / W8 / W8/1 --those systems leaked like sieves security wise. Totally different ballgame now.

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    Thanks for all that info, think I understand, so I just ignore all and carry on as 'normal'?? checking I've always got green ticks.
    think I can manage that,
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    The only reason I suggest Adwcleaner really is that it at times detects browser tracking entries in the registry that Defender doesn't detect (not really it's purpose I suppose) and it also shows you 3rd party software you may not even realise is on your system (most pre-built systems come with bloatware) and set to run at start up or on a schedule.
    But as Jimbo says, Win10 with default settings and defender is all you really need for normal use.
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