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    win 10 64 bit os x64 based processor now with 20h2 update

    norton security

    i have comcast for internet and they offer norton security for there antivirus protection. but i'm wondering if it is any better than what i have now. a few years ago i asked about virus program and some said to use the avast and ccleaner and malwarebytes and a few others but now i wonder if those programs are making my pc slow down some, and if i would be better off just getting norton being it is free and use that. also it seems to be the program that lifelock likes so that makes me ask as well. any thoughts? thanks
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    Back in the day....Norton was a kick butt AV. Since Symantec bought them out it became bloated and a resource hog. As how it's efficient today, IDK as I do not use it. I really did like it back then.

    I would just use MS built in AV in conjunction with Malwarebytes Pro (real time protection), free is OK, along with Ccleaner and AntiSpyware. All known to work really well with windows 10.

    As an experiment; you could check in task manager how the resources percentages are used with MS AV and suggested sotware. then Install Norton and do the same.....check the resource usage and see how it slow, sluggish. Then make your decision.
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    win 10 64 bit os x64 based processor now with 20h2 update
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    thanks. i now have avast free, and avast secure browser but that one is real slow so i still use chrome. i have ccleaner free, malwarebytes free, spybot search and destroy free, and ms is on and set to ok. plus i thine defender is on. so maybe i might want to turn off defender? i see some different ideas on that program to be on or off. when i got to ms security it has checks at all the levels so i figure that is doing good.

    i asked this same question on the norton forums site and i bet they will come back and tell me to get rid of what i have and go with norton. so if that happens i will ask if the responders use it and if they say yes, my next question will be if they search the dark web or trust there norton package that comcast gives them to go on the darkweb? i do not want to go there i used to do it years ago when i used chromebooks but not now. but anyway i bet most will say no they will not go there because of any reasons. i do not trust my free programs i have to be safe in that area of the web anyways. thanks

    - - - Updated - - -

    ok what do i look for in the task manager? i do not see anything for win10 ms security running or win defender. unless i don't know where to to look. below is what i find and what they take now

    service cpu % memory%
    malwarebytes tray app 0 3.1
    malwarebytes service 0 4.6
    adware service 0 76.2
    adware tray 0 1.9
    avast av 0 27.1
    avast av remediation exe 0 1.3
    avast service 0 1.9
    avast behavior shield 0 20.9
    avast browser update 0 0.1
    avast browser update 32 bit 0 0.1
    bitdefender 32 bit 0 0.1
    ccleaner 0 1.3
    spybot background 0 0.3
    spybot scanner 0 1.0

    i do not see anything in the task manager for the ms security services or defender services unless the word it differently. so i have not yet installed nortons program but on the norton site they said i start with a minimum program and then it will run thru tons of updates, but all these programs did the same so it is really nothing new here. so has anyone actually tried the norton for comcast av and like it better than all this i have to try and do the same thing. it may be better to just manage on program that having to go thru all these other one that require starting up now and then just to keep them updated. maybe norton will keep itself updated automatically. any ideas on this? thanks.
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    Norton has supposedly improved from being a resource hug and it is running light these days.
    Norton offers much more than Windows Defender, due to extra features, so it is a no-brainer.

    corvairbob said:
    my next question will be if they search the dark web or trust there norton package that comcast gives them to go on the darkweb?
    You should not go on dark web using Windows, any live linux distro will do, especially Tails.

    corvairbob said:
    ok what do i look for in the task manager? i do not see anything for win10 ms security running or win defender. unless i don't know where to to look. below is what i find and what they take now
    Try this instead (a portable version will do) Nightly Builds - Process Hacker
    By typing the name, you can see all processes related to. Like Defender or adaware.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails norton security-capture_12122019_153248.jpg   norton security-capture_12122019_152649.jpg  
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    win 10 64 bit os x64 based processor now with 20h2 update
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    ok thanks. it sounds like it may be good to try the norton that comcast offers for free and let it do its upgrades. and then set it up to run automatically. now i get avast telling me to upgrade and ccleaner and spybot and malware. they all come up every few days and need some kind of interaction to make them work. that is find and dandy but what happens when i forget and they get to far out of date. then i'm open to some kind of attack. but if comcasts says norton is good to use and it runs auto then i think i will give it a try. i can always go back to these. thanks

    i'm downloading this now and will install it first before i install anything so i'm not left open. did that once before and before i got the new sv installed and working i got a bug.

    - - - Updated - - -

    ok i installed norton that comcast gives me and set it up but it did not remove avast or adaware or ccleaner or spybot. so do i need to now go in and remove these? and if so what ones should i remove and what ones should i leave? any ideas here? avast is still on my pc but when i try to run it it will not start so norton somehow disabled it but in msconfig i see it is still there as a startup program.

    so can anyone that has comcast's version of the norton av tell me what other program to leave or remove. this what i had
    avast may be disabled but still there in msconfig running
    avast secure browser stopped
    ccleaner spybot
    malwarebytes service running
    bitlocker stopped
    norton wsc service running
    windows defender firewall running
    spybot search and destroy 2 scanner services running
    spybot search and destroy 2 updating service running
    spybot s/d 2 security services running
    so what to leave checked and what to uncheck? thanks

    norton security running
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    Spybot is too obsolete and free version is pretty much useless anyway. Consider browser extensions instead.

    Emsisoft Browser Security - Chrome Web Store
    Bitdefender TrafficLight - Free Add-on for Secure Web Browsing

    Definitely get rid of Avast and malwarebytes, it can cause issues with Norton, even if use only free version.
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    win 10 64 bit os x64 based processor now with 20h2 update
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    ok i have now installed those 2 extensions and removed avast av program using that link you provided. malwarebytes is now gone as well. having those in there i did not see any conflict when i ran norton for the first time. but norton did say i removed avast. might be all it did was remove the startup that interfered with norton. anyway i still have adware antivirus and ccleaner according to the icons in the hidden icon box that are said to be running in the background. i may have to remove them as well.
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    FWIW, I've been running Norton for years beginning with WXP. I started with Norton Internet Services subscription version, which has now evolved into Norton 360 with LifeLock and VPN. We have not had any infections using this AV product. I also have Malwarebytes (free), Spybot (free), and MSERT installed as additional scanners if needed, but they are rarely used. FireFox has Adblock Plus and Ghostry addons to block third party adware infections. One reason I've stuck with the Norton product is that I've never had an issue with it conflicting with Windows or its updates. The program sometimes uses system resources heavily, but only during the scheduled full system scans, which run at night. The rest of the time, this system doesn't show any impact from it. I think a lot of how successful the various AV products are is dependent on how the system is used. If one doesn't serve your purposes, get rid of it and move on to another until you find one that works for you and your environment.
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    win 10 64 bit os x64 based processor now with 20h2 update
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    thanks jamis. currently i have the norton program that comcast gives me. but when i installed it, it never asked me for any id from comcast and then i got a pop up that said for x$ i can upgrade so if i keep getting that i may have to contact norton and ask why being i'm suppose to have the free ond from comcast. i'm thinking i got the free one from norton instead. but i will give it a few weeks as that may be just a notice for the first time i used it.

    now i have ccleaner running in the back and adware av the rst i took out. i did add the chrome extensions for spybot and bitdefender.

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    @corvairbob -

    Welcome to Windows Ten Forums!

    I have been using Norton Security in it's various iterations for well over a decade and can tell you that the product has changed significantly over the last two years.
    I recommend it without reservation - as a matter of fact I have been one of the first members of their revised beta release program and some of my input went into the design.

    Is it perfect, heck no. It still flags some innocent programs with false positives but other AV's do the same.

    However, this type of security must be done in layers, so I do recommend running Malwarebyte's Ati-Malware (MBAM) free to cross-check a file or files.

    Malwarebytes | Malwarebytes Download - Free Virus Scan & Virus Protection Tool

    It is also important to study the product and understand how to configure it to your liking, i.e. Scan Scheduling - not hard to do.
    They also have a nice forum for questions or problems.

    Hope this helps.

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