Terrypin said:
A couple of hours ago I was contacted by someone claiming to be from Google Security Services. Texas based, he said. I get several scam calls a week and handled this in my usual fashion with a "Not interested, don't call me again" and ended the call. But unusually this one called straight back and got me listening for a while. At my insistence he gave me a phone number of 18005321200 (which I've not yet tried). Heclaimed that my PC had been hacked and he proceeded to demonstrate evidence that he had access etc. He was using a service called TeamViewer, whose details he popped up on my screen. (I've since called that company and they point out that anyone can use their software.)

At my further insistence he escalated the call to a manager "Roger Lucas" from the Indian company Ridhima Enterprise. That lasted an hour, during which he took me through views of my Services, Settings, etc. As I expected (although I was surprised how long he was prepared to continue the call) at the end he went for the sale. Specifically he asked me to register a new 'Windows Certificate': 1 Year 289, 3 Yr 399, Life 799, because that would allow them to proceed with fixes, as my existing certificate had expired.

Naturally I asked for an email setting it all out but - surprise! - he was very anxious to complete the transaction on the phone.

He'll be calling me back this afternoon and so I'd appreciate any further info or advice. Is it conceivable that the company does have evidence that my PC has been hacked and does offer a service (worthwhile or otherwise) in removing those? What is the consequence of my licence expiring, if indeed it has.

For months I've had regular scam emails claiming that my PC has been hacked and claiming to know 'my password'. One or two of those do indeed match agains of my score or so of passwords. So I can believe that some hacking has occurred. But needless to say, no bit coins have changed hands!

Terry, East Grinstead, UK
Didn't you heard any of these scams earlier? I should suggest you to re-install your operating system, since they have had access to your computer. I'm afraid that they will get any personal or financial information from your PC. I've done a little Google search on these tech support scams and easily find some reports filed by people at 800-259-0284 / 8002590284 - Google. They've been around for years, though. Hope this helps.