Basically Id like to decrypt some of the drives....I have 4 drives that I enabled Bitlocker on before I did the clean install of Windows and I have all the keys printed from when windows prompted me to when I did the encryptions.

Today I was setting them up using the "mount in the following empty NTFS folder" option through disk manager to be sneaky sneaky right....after trying a few different places a few times Windows decided to start giving me an error saying "location is denied" for all drives that I would make a path for....So i thought why not just turn off/decrypt the drives in bitlocker manager and hide two of them in one encrypted drive...NOPPE, after going to the bitlocker options, only "unlock drive" shows up for all drives now....

i tried using the command prompt to decrypt the drives and typed the following

manage-bde -off v:

and I got this:

Error: an attempt to access a required resource was denied.

Check that you have administrative rights on the computer.

I checked under user accounts in the control panel and it does say Administrator on the right below my windows user name.

(Not sure if it matters any but after I did the clean install of windows I noticed I misspelled the name I wanted so I added the letter missing after and Command Prompt shows the misspelling still.)