How likely a PC get hacked? Is there any statistics

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    How likely a PC get hacked? Is there any statistics

    A desktop PC with windows 10 home, connected to the broadband internet for 24 hours. No purchased or subscribed Anti-Virus or firewall installed. Use with common sense. How likely could the PC get hacked by someone assume he knows me and wants to do this to me. I mean someone could get a copy of my computer files or what websites I have visited etc. I don't mean adware that could only collect information about what websites I've visited while they
    are doing to a large number of "victims" without targeting on a specific individual.

    How likely?

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    Hi there

    it depends on what you do.

    IMO (and it's my view so if others disagree so be it) that Virus scares etc at the individual level (i.e home rather than corporate) are grossly over exaggerated and if you simply have WD you are more than 99.999% never likely to get hacked from a purely external deliberate threat.

    What is infinitely more likely is that people might try and steal passwords. identity stuff etc from simple scams that no A/V can protect you against -- e.g fake web sites purporting to offer you tax refunds, offer Airbnb accommodation when it doesn't exist etc etc.

    Never open any email unless you know who sends it, always check if say a builder or other service provider asks you to send money to a different Bank account (check with the service provider and even the bank first - service providers don't change accounts mid-stream) and if you must use torrents always download proper files e.g mkv/mp3 etc --never download rar / zip / other archived files as these could easily contain extra "payloads" in them.

    In any case always have regular backup as if you are unlucky enough to get an infected computer a restore is far more reliable, simpler and quicker by far than hours using A/V cleansing software.

    Intelligent use of Brain is far more effective than any amount of A/V software --again this remark for home users -- big corporates and cloud providers have other issues and present would be hackers with far more financially and politically more rewarding targets than some sub teens computer stuck away in a bedroom.

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    privacy - Whats the probability of a personal computer being hacked? - Information Security Stack Exchange

    Perhaps the wrong question from the point of view of how much criminals can gain by crafting an attack. Attacks on an organisation can yield millions of records- on one PC - well- a lot fewer.
    Data Beach Statistics For 2018 Plus Totals From 2017 | Revision Legal %
    The Biggest Data Breaches in the UK | Security | Techworld

    Perhaps it's less a question of whether our data will be misused and more a question of when. If criminals can correlate data from different sources....
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    You are very safe being protected by Defender and the firewall in your router provided you use the internet carefully as advised above.

    Use the internet from a local account rather than an admin account and make regular system backups (e.g. Macrium Reflect). Store the backup media disconnected from the PC
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    @Tsw88 -

    In addition to all the above commentary, I'll just say that your chances of being compromised via wireless is greater than that of a wired connection.
    So if you use Wi-Fi a great deal, I would suggest a good Secure VPN as an add-on.

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