I have an HP laptop running Windows 10. On the task bar there is an icon that indicates "Action Recommended." I click it, and it takes me to "Windows Defender Security Center." I find an exclamation mark near "Device security." It says "A firmware update is needed for your security processor (TPM)." I click it.
I am taken to "Device security." I click on "Security processor troubleshooting." I click the option to "Clear TPM logs." I click "Clear and restart", and then I get a prompt for UAC. I click "Yes" and the UAC prompt goes away. But nothing happens. This to me is the main problem.

I tried another method with the Device Manager. I got an error message and promptly stopped trying that method.

I have tried other alternative methods to fix this. There is a Microsoft link that takes me here: HPSBHF03568 rev. 8 - Infineon TPM Security Update | HP® Customer Support

I install the HP firmware that is recommended via an .exe file. But the problem persists.

I read that there was an alternative way of clearing TPM in the BIOS. But when I go to the BIOS the "TPM Embedded Security" link option is grayed out. I tried unchecking the "System Management command" option. But after a reboot and going into BIOS, the "TPM Embedded Security" link is still grayed out.

My TPM has these specifications:

Manufacturer: IFX
Manufacturer version: 4.40
Specification version: 1.2
PPI specification version: 1.2
TPM specification subversion: 2, 3

How do I protect myself from the TPM vulnerability? I wonder if there is a chance that it is a false alarm for me.