Hi there peeps!

I'm writing this lines in hopes for finding a solution to this unusual problem, I have been looking on Google, but none of the solutions have helped me...

The Story:
This is an Acer E5-553-1786 Laptop, and I decided to upgrade to Bios 1.31 in hopes of getting rid of my spontaneous reboots (WHEA 20 Error with Hyper Transport), and also, because I felt Spectre (Or Meltdown) patch was included in it.

Sadly, I found that the damn thing just made the sudden reboots worse than before, getting a reboot once every 2 days, instead of once every month... So, my only solution was to downgrade the BIOS to see if I regain "system stability" (Man, this laptop sucks, I even have to hax the BIOS to enable virtualization... don't ever buy an Acer...)

Now, after downgrading, TPM 2.0 now shows a yellow sign,a nd a code 10, saying the resource is already in use.

What I tried so far:
- Restoring to a previous image of windows 10: Nothing changes
- Trying to update the driver: Says has the most suitable version
- Ran troubleshooter: Did nothing.
- Restoring factory defaults on BIOS: Nada...
- Downgrading to another version, and then re-flasing the version that works (In my case 1.19): Nothing
- Using a previous dump of settings I had with an utility called H2OUVE, and hopping for the best: Nothing
- Clearing CMOS completely: Nothing

I'm using Windows 10 Build 1703, as I'm waiting for 1803 to become stable enough to be usable. Latest drivers available for everything.

I don't know if I did something incorrectly that might caused this, or I'm doing it wrong that I can't be able to restore this thing. Upgrading again is not an option for this BIOS since has tons of problems (Unless they release a new version... *sigh*)

I attach pictures of device manager and the pin I used to clear CMOS in this particular model.

Click image for larger version. 

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Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance