After 4 days, all looks well between Sandboxie and the April update. Every program or function I run sandboxed, is working out good. No issue, no Sandboxie message.

Just about everything I do in the computer, I do it sandboxed. If there was an issue, I would it seen it by now. The proper Sandboxie version to use with the April update is beta 5.25.2. The April update is not yet officially supported by Sandboxie but based on what I seen and experienced so far, its looking good.
5.25 Beta Available (Latest version 5.25.2) - Sandboxie Support

Sandboxie is a fantastic program for running most programs we run on daily basis. But unfortunately is not compatible with Universal Apps or Edge. Every file I run in my computer, run sandboxed every time they run but I dont use the Store or Universal apps. I mention this as is good to be aware of the incompatibility of SBIE with Universal apps.
Sandboxie - Known Conflicts