Hello There

After using Avast for 16 years, and discovering a file was writing a lot to the drive, decided to try Defender longer this time, now if i decide to enable Controlled Folder protection or Ransomware protection after 1803 Released, does that add extra unnecessary writes to my SSD Drive? If it does, then might just leave off and hope i'm safe enough..

Try to minimize writes to the SSD Drive as knows too many writes affect it's lifespan, leaving Avast Free Antivirus is tough choice, but with iscache.dat writing anywhere to 300kbs-3mb a day, i figured was time to try and give up on it, then again if they fix the issue, might end up continuing to use, as i do trust that program, Defender not so sure on, Had a bad infection back in 2005 when i was testing WIndows Live Onecare at the time, but i know the infection was my own fault