I recently upgraded from v1511 to 1607. It went well.

Disappointed to find that many of my personal settings and preferences were reset to defaults. Still working through that nuisance.

On 1511 I had set my ethernet connection to be metered as instructed here:
Ethernet Connection - Set as Metered or Unmetered in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums.
And it worked well.

After 1607 installed I had to re-set to a metered connection, as the registry value reset to default (1). The value is now (2) again.

But Windows update does not seem to be honoring it. Instead of saying "we found updates and you can download and install them when you are not on a metered connection", it just starts downloading.

Any ideas?

A wrinkle: The updates are not downloading. It says they are, but it has been stuck on 0% for a while now.