As we created Windows 10, we asked you to help us build the Windows that you want and need, and to help us make it better over time. Windows 10 was designed to be a service, which means it automatically gets better through periodic software updates. The great news is that you usually don’t have to do anything to get the latest Windows 10 updates—they'll download and install whenever they’re available. Most Windows updates focus on performance and security improvements to keep you humming 24/7. You'll also see cool new features that we think you’ll like or other improvements that you’ve asked for. If you haven't already, we invite you to join the Windows Insider Program so you can add your voice to the discussion, too.

One thing we’re hearing from you is that you want to know more about what's in our Windows 10 updates, so we're providing more details on this page. In the list below, the most recent Windows update is listed first. Installing the most recent update ensures that you also get any previous updates you might have missed, including security updates. Windows Store apps are updated (not surprisingly) through the Windows Store. Details about app updates are provided on a per-app basis.

Note that Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, and Education edition customers can defer Windows updates if they choose. For more info, see Windows 10 servicing options.

We'll be refreshing this page as new updates are released, so stay tuned for the latest info. And thank you for helping us learn and get better with each update!

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