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I have already done this, many time, including restarting the PC. However, the error persists.
These are the two errors I am now receiving:
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For public consumption, this is what I said in a PM to you. It summarizes everything, including fixing the virtualization errors. The two errors are the images above:
My Windows 8.1 Hyper-V virtual machines worked fine. I just upgraded to Windows 10 (with the CPU virtualization turned off) and after turning virtualization back on when I attempted to start the machines (after enabling the hypervisor) I get errors hypervisor errors and "'(machine name)' failed to start." and "'(machine name)' could not initialize." errors. The same thing happened when I created a new virtual machine (which created successfully) and then start it. Initial event log errors for the Hypervisor errors have been solved. I was able to eliminate the Hypervisor issues by changing the boot configuration data store file for the "hypervisorlaunchtype" to "Auto" from "Off." Now when attempting to start a new Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Manager and start it I only get the event ID 3040 errors that the VM could not initialize and the event ID 15130 errors that the VM failed to start. All other event log entries look normal. Again, these error occur both with virtual machines that ran fine under Windows 8.1 and new ones created after the upgrade to Windows 10.

I posted about this issue on the Windows 10 Community Forum and four other people indicated they had the same issue.
The problem you had seems to happen when Windows 10 is installed while virtualization is disabled in BIOS. Enabling virtualization afterwards causes Hyper-V to malfunction. Removing Hyper-V and reinstalling it will not fix it. Unfortunately, the only solution I know is to enable virtualization in BIOS before installing Windows 10. This seems to be a bug in Windows 10. I have reproduced this problem on two separate computers. This is why you were finally successful when you enabled virtualization before reinstalling Windows 10.