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It'll be interesting to hear your results.
I have the same problem, every time I open the phone's DCIM folder, it takes a long time to list all files, due to either working out thumbnails, or column data I don't need (track, artist, album!?). Is there a quick way to apply my standard General Items view (Details, 4 columns sequenced/sized as I need them). I seem to forever be individually unticking 5 columns and ticking 1 in the DCIM folder Details view settings. All the Registry patches I've found work for fixed, Sata and USB drives, none of them work for removable smartphone connections - which always default to some Microsoft-hard-wired settings for Large Thumbnails or Details with (for me) bad columns. All my other folders are great, always Details with the columns I need. Maybe a batch file I can run when I've opened a phone's DCIM folder? Or a keyboard macro that starts with Ctrl-Shift-6, Tab, Shift-F10, M, Shift-F10, T, T, Enter, etc? Any help would be appreciated thanks.