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How to Generate Battery Energy Estimation Report in Windows 10

information   Information
You can use the Energy Estimation Engine (E3) in Windows to get detailed information about battery usage.

The "powercfg /srumutil" command enumerates the entire Energy Estimation data from the System Resource Usage Monitor (SRUM) in an XML or CSV file.

This tutorial will show you how to generate a battery energy estimation report for detail battery usage in Windows 10.

You must be signed in as an administrator to be able to generate a battery energy estimation report.

Note   Note
In addition to viewing data from a single device, as demonstrated in the video below, an OEM, during device pre-production, or an enterprise IT administrator could create domain scripts to generate and collect E3 SRUMUTIL logs on a daily or weekly basis and collect the information in a database. This would allow the OEM or enterprise to analyze energy usage data from devices, and identify opportunities to improve battery life on their Windows images.

VIDEO: Defrag Tools #157 - Energy Estimation Engine (E3) Channel 9

EXAMPLE: "powercfg /srumutil" usage
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Here's How:

1. Open an elevated command prompt.

2. Type the command you want to use below into the elevated command prompt, and press Enter. (see screenshot below)
Note   Note
It's recommended to save the report as a .csv file to be able to easily use and read it with Excel.

(For .csv file)
powercfg /srumutil /output %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\srumutil.csv

(For .xml file)
powercfg /srumutil /output %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\srumutil.xml /XML

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3. If .csv, then open the srumutil.csv file saved to your desktop with Excel to see the report.

4. If .xml, then open the srumutil.xml file saved to your desktop to see the report in your default web browser (ex: Internet Explorer).

5. This is a copy of my laptop's battery energy estimation report from a srumutil.csv file viewed opened in Excel 2016 as an example of what is reported. (see screenshot below)
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That's it,