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I guess no one else has this issue then???
I do. I have never had DisplayFusion and I'm using a single monitor and this issue is driving me bonkers.

It seems to hold certain apps that were opened in recent history in a TSR type mode, and it keeps opening them over and over. Actually, what I think is happening is that they were never truly/fully closed to begin with -- there's likely some process that isn't readily recognizable for us to manually close ourselves, so it sits there waiting for the OS to wake it up and when it does.. bam, its parent app reappears in Task Manager.

It doesn't seem to matter how much registry cleaning, rebooting or shutting down of every process imaginable, they keep coming back to life! It's so annoying to see and it's consuming resources unnecessarily!

I wonder whether there's some kind of hidden, scheduled task that W10 is running which keeps apps' associated process(es) active for a given period of time since the app was last run.