My Windows 10 Pro laptop has a serious memory leak going on. If I leave it on overnight, I will often come back in the morning and memory usage will top 90%.When I check my processes, I see Service Host: Local System is where this is happening. When I drill into the services, I see that netsvcs services are causing it. The services running are:
  • AppInfo
  • BITS
  • Browser
  • CertPropSvc
  • DoSvc
  • gpsvc
  • iphlpsvc
  • LanmanServer
  • lfsvc
  • ProfSvc
  • Schedule
  • SENS
  • SessionEnv
  • ShellHWDetection
  • Themes
  • UserManager
  • Winmgmt

Things I Have Tried
  • Stopping some of these indivually with mixed (temporary) results. One time stopping lfsvc (geolaction service) and iphlpsvc (ip helper) dropped the memory usage a bit but it eventually climbed back up. People suggest stopping BITS, but this didn't help either.
  • I have tried running the Windows 10 Update Troubleshooter. It claims to have found and fixed issues every single time I run it, but in the long run, it's no help.
  • sfc /scannow and DISM. I ran these and they found some issues, which I fixed with a Windows 10 Pro ISO to repair. Still I have a memory leak.
  • Registry Updates. Updated TimeBroker and Superfetch per this article
  • Full Anti-Malware Scans. No issues found with Norton Security Suite or Spybot
  • Updated Killer Networking Drivers. No luck

Any assistance on running this down is much appreciated.