i dont think m$ would be in business if we weren't all forced to use their garbage with new pcs.

how the hell is this a thing now. my computer just started doing this. only when entering sleep manually. very clearly a windows thing. w7 never had this problem. why now on w10?

last time i take suggestion from m$ to do anything. just reinstalled this system too. no time to switch back to 7. god. does bill gates not test this shit before unleashing it on the world ?? how does windows REGRESS??? how does it actually get worse and in such a bad fashion??

I bet all the M$ idiot engineers use apple macbooks for their work so they don't loose their shit when windows shuts down instead of sleeping like they said. *******s. like if they all used windows at home you'd think an engineer would stumble on this problem before we did and actually fix it or call one of his buddies to fix it ... but they don't ... why? they all use apple for their actual work! such a widespread and obvious problem... so sad and pathetic. i'd feel ashamed if i made a product that functioned like this.