I'm having issues with internet connectivity. They started back with Win 7, but they disappeared when I upgraded to 10. Now they're back again. Essentially my connection on my laptop (wired) comes and goes, but the icon at the bottom never shows a broken connection. It also happens with all wireless connected devices (iphones), but oddly not with a secondary laptop (also wireless).

The weird thing is that some connections never seem affected by this. For example, I use Plex to stream movies and shows via Google's Chromecast to my TV. That connection is never down. Even when nothing is loading (webpages, mail, messenger, twitter, etc.) I can always reliably cast something. The same is true with torrents. The speeds reach max quickly and stay there constantly until completion.

The other weird thing is that it behaves as though I have data caps from my ISP (I don't). The longer my connection is dormant, the more time I get without any internet issues (a full night with no internet usage results in a full morning with no connection issues; a weekend with no usage results in a full day with no issues). Conversely, the more usage the more trouble (if I'm downloading a large file overnight, the next morning I can't even get Google to load until a few hours have passed with no internet usage and then I can connect again for a few minutes),

Also, I noticed that around the same time this started, I also started getting these random error messages "Scripted Diagnostics Native Host Stopped Working." Today I figured out that the Network Diagnostics troubleshooter is connected to this error. I tried running it to see if it would help with my connection, but as soon as I ran it it gave me that "Scripted . . . " error (same on repeated attempts). I get that error multiple times a day even if I'm not running the troubleshooter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.