I need to use mstsc.exe from SysWoW64 folder (so 32-bit one). Previously (up until Windows 8.1) I used a small batch to do it:
@echo off
set WinDir=
start C:\Windows\SysWow64\mstsc.exe
Now on Windows 10 it doesn't work anymore. 32-bit mstsc.exe starts for few miliseconds just to launch mstsc.exe from System32.
When I copied mstsc.exe from SysWoW64 and paste it to System32 it ends up with a infinite loop of starting System32 mstsc.exe (now 32-bit but this one again tries to open the one from System32 and it goes forever).
The only one possibility to do it is to rename mstsc.exe from System32 to other one and then, when mstsc.exe from SysWow64 can't find mstsc.exe in System32 it runs itself.

However this solution is not suitable for me. I would like to do it with a batch so I wouldn't have to set it up manually on every PC I would like to use it.

Did some one find a way to do it?