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Isn't there some way to just go into the Registry and ditch Airplane Mode altogether? It's a desktop, for crying out loud! Why am I even having to deal with this situation?
Don't know if your problem is the same but I recently had a client with a problem computer that had both wired Ethernet Networking adapter and an Add-in Wireless/Wi-Fi adapter [came from the factory that way. Even with no drivers installed Win10 still recognized the hardware. Since the client required the Wired Network I removed the Add-in card. Many Notebooks that have Bluetooth have it as part of the Wi-Fi adapter, turn one off the other is off. Haven't seen a Desktop yet that included both on the same adapter [both of mine have USB Dongles for Bluetooth]. My older Dell Inspiron 530S SFF Desktop came with a such a Wi-Fi card with an antenna but not Bluetooth hence the choice to turn On or Off Airplane Mode is available, I run Win10 Insider Preview on it.