Is the retail licence for Home as well as the disc you burned? I'm not an expert by the way, but I installed Windows 10 onto an old Eee PC 904HA recently, which had previously had XP on. I was going to install Windows 8 first and then do an upgrade, but Windows 8 wouldn't run on it, so with advice/tutorials on here and Eight forums, I did a clean install of Windows 10 and used my Windows 8 product key (didn't use key during install - skip that bit - but later to activate using a work around).

As Slartybart says, you should burn a new disc. The ISO is more up to date now - I burned one the other day and found it an easier install (although maybe that's because I've done it once before!)

When you go to burn the new disk you have to select whether it's for 32 bit or 64 bit, so select 32 bit, then you have to select which version. The options are just "Windows 10" "Windows 10 Pro" (and something else a bit specialised can't remember the third option). If your license is for "Home" rather than "Professional" then select the first option (ie just "Windows 10"). I also found it easier to burn the disc for just the option I wanted rather than "both" as is offered at various points.

Another thing I noticed when burning the disk is you have to select language options. English US was the default and my computer has always been set up with English Uk - not sure if that makes a difference, but it does say it has to be exactly the same as installed previously - so I changed the selection to English Uk before burning the disk. If that disk has an old installation of XP on it that was set up as English UK rather than English US it might make a difference possibly. Or is it a clean/wiped disk you partitioned - actually I think you formatted so that probably doesn't matter.

Has anything been installed on that disk before?